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    Map Campaign Rules (in development)

    Hi everyone. I am currently writing and hopefully play-testing some rules for a map based campaign for me and a friend of mine.

    The rules are written with only two players in mind, but I think they could easily be expanded to include as many players as you need.

    It's based on the planetary empires tiles, though any map with enough territories will work.

    Right, without any further suspense, here is a copy/paste directly from my "developer" document, that only means that its not edited to look good (yet), and includes some of my more rambling thoughts, but don't worry, it gets more structured towards the end .

    PS : To avoid most of the "rambling", skip down to the Pre game Set-up : part. From there I have more structure to my ideas. (but note, there is some important stuff in the ramblings too, so you should read it all )

    2 player 40k planetary empires tile based campaign (2p40kpetbc!)


    Daemons VS anything (most likely IG/Daemon hunters)

    There are 6 spaceports for the humans and 6 big craters for the daemons.

    Each players selects a starting tile (either a crater or a spaceport). The tiles must be at least 10ish tiles apart!

    They start with two 1500 pts armies (consistent, more on that later). And one 5000 point army (apoc) that may not move, ever.

    These armies may move one tile per turn each.

    Any tile not conquered by another player is assumed to surrender without any real fighting.

    After a tile is conquered a player must create a 500 pts list using the GARRISON FOC. This army may not move. If the enemy player then tries to attack such a tile then they will have to fight the garrison army. If the defender also has a 1500 pts army group there the enemy must fight them both using the DEFENSE scenario.

    Each normal tile (without any specials on it) generates 20 points per turn. A home tile generates 50 points per turn.

    When a player has collected 500, or 1000, or 1500 points, he may "spawn" an army of that size on any tile that is the same type as their starting tile (thus, if the imperial player controls 2 spaceports he may spawn the army at one of them).
    Points may be saved as long as the player wishes, but no army over 1500 points may be spawned.

    Two armies from the same player may not enter a friendly tile if their total value would exceed 1500 pts (not including the garrison).

    If a player attacks a tile with two armies they may not exceed 2000pts.

    All army groups are unique, and they are also consistent.
    Example : Imperial army
    1 grand master
    2X10 terminator squads
    5X10 guard squads +1 command squad
    2 leman russ battle tanks

    Said army looses 1 leman russ, and 8 terminators. Then the next time they fight their army would look like this

    1 grand master
    1X10 terminator squad
    1X2 Terminator squad
    5X10 guard squads +1 command squad
    1 leman russ battle tanks

    If an army that has taken losses return to a home base tile (crater or spaceport) the player may spend the required points from his pool to return the army to its original composition (thus they may not add new equipment, just buy identical replacements).

    Pre game Set-up :

    Each player chooses a home tile from the 6 available. It must be 10 tiles from an enemy home tile.

    Each player Makes 3 armies, two at 1500 points, and one at 5000 points.

    Movement :

    Any army that is not a tile GARRISON may move one tile per player turn
    Armies may not move into the same tile if their value would exceed 1500pts (not including the GARRISON).

    Any movement into a tile not held by a player is not considered an attack.
    An army may move into a home tile, to spend points on reinforcements (see the Consistent armies section), but it MUST leave on the following movement phase.

    Attacking :

    An army that has moved into a hostile tile is considered to be attacking
    A player may not attack more than three times in his turn , regardless of the number of armies he controls.

    A player may retreat by moving all his units off his table edge using voluntary legal movement. (they are not destroyed). Any units that fall back of the table edge because of failed morale or bad deep strikes are removed as casualties.
    If a player attacks with two armies (with a total of no more than 2000 points) then half of one of them is placed in reserves.

    If attacking a GARRISONED tile, roll off to see who gets to roll for the scenario, if the defender wins use the GARRISON scenario list. If the attacker wins use the GARRISON attacker scenario list.

    If attacking a tile with an active army on it, roll of to see who gets to roll for the scenario, if the defender wins use the normal defender scenario, if not use the normal attacker scenario.

    Defending :

    A defending player gets 1d6 free barricades (or defense lines, or local reality warps) to place on the board.
    If the defending player has an army on the tile along with a garrison then half that army is placed in reserves no matter what. The rest must be deployed along with the garrison.

    Consistent armies :

    Any army (not GARRISONS) that take losses enter their next battle without the lost units. Thus it is important to keep track of just who dies and who lives. Loosing that melta gunner is going to hurt your IG squad in the next battle.
    This means that your proud 1500 point army may become damaged, and only worth 1000 points.

    Any army may return to a home tile, and the player may then spend the required points from their pool to buy back the dead units/models. But he cannot add anything new, just spend points until the army is exactly as it was originally.

    Collecting and Spending Points :

    At the start of each players turn they collect points
    Each non special tile is worth 20 points
    Each home tile is worth 50 points
    Each Special tile is worth 30 points
    The player may also create/spawn a new army group during this phase, if they have enough points.

    Phase Summary

    Collecting and Spending Points

    Army composition :

    Any unique character/creature may be used, but only one of each per game. If he/she/it is killed, then it may not be bought back at a home tile.

    GARRISON Force Organization :

    HQ 0
    ELITE 0-1
    TROOP 1-6

    Normal Army Force Organization :

    HQ 1-2
    ELITE 0-3
    TROOP 2-6

    Home Tile Force Organization :

    As per apocalypse rules, meaning none. Have fun!

    Scenarios :

    GARRISON defense scenarios :

    Defend the chapel (imperial)
    Resist until a new warp rift is formed (daemon)
    Resist until help arrives (imperial)
    Stop the priest (daemon)

    GARRISON attack scenarios :

    Slay the defenders (daemon)
    Destroy the daemon lair (imperial)
    Overwhelm the defense systems (daemon)
    Remove the chaos icon (imperial)

    Defender normal Scenarios :

    Defend the VOX tower (imperial)
    Defend the minor warp rift (daemon)
    Defend the city (imperial)
    Defend the cultists (daemon)

    Attacker normal scenarios :

    Kill the traitor general (imperial)
    Enslave the village (daemon)
    Destroy the chaos shrine (imperial)
    Blood for the blood god! (daemon)


    Right, For those who actually read all that, congrats and thanks!

    Any constructive criticism is welcome, but note that I've yet to play-test any of this, its at the "on-paper" stage of development right now.


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    Hi, will test out some of your ideas over the next week or so. Never played any 40k campaigns before but have played a few for WFB over the years using the old 'Mighty Empires' rules. So it will be good to have a mini-campaign structure to follow as I'm teaching my son to play (and re-learning myself too!).

    Also if you have access to I.A.7 - Siege of Vraks part 3. In the back (pages 201-204) there is a simple map based campaign system. Even though it is written to cover the Chaos Vs Imperial conflict on Vraks there are bound to be some ideas / concepts you could use for your rules. They are a pretty simple set of rules that do not take focus away from actual table-top battles. My experience with WFB campaigns is that a simple campaign structure is much better than an in-depth or complicated one.

    Good luck with it and will let you know how it plays out as soon as am able too.
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