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    What makes a good escalation league?

    First, this forum category seems to be the one that best suits the nature of my question. I apologize if it is in the wrong area and my thanks if a moderator could move it to the appropriate forum. This is a question I have for both 40k and fantasy players; so, I have posted this in the 40k section and the fantasy section.
    While reading this forum, I have came across several references to "escalation league". From reading the posts, I have figured that it is a series of games starting with low points and then incrementally increasing points over a specific time period.
    Intrigued by this, I did a search of LO to find out how to establish an escalation league. But most of the posts were questions requesting help for army lists. So, here are my questions.

    How does one start an escalation league?
    What is a good minimum points to start with?
    What point increments are best?
    What has caused failure in escalation leagues?
    Are entry fees appropriate?
    Do you have any other tips not covered so far?
    And the most important question, what makes for a successful league?


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    1) Point levels (decide min-max and the step size)-good fight values are the 1000-2500 range, good escalation league starts at 500 and goes up by either 250 or 500(if it is for building army's together pick 250 steps, if it is just for the added challenge, take 500.)
    2) Always give a chance to win, my type of league is working by blocks -like in soccer-let's say we have 8 players, after the 1st round(500 points are short fight so we can play that everyone will fight every one once) we have places 1-8,
    we take 1-4 as 1st block or "top" and 5-8 as 2nd block or "lower", every block fight in itself aka- each player vs the other 3. With those scores (and not mixing them up with the previous ones) we have places 1-4 at top and 1-4 at lowers.
    Places 1st and 2nd from top and bottom are taken together for the top of the next round and 3rd and 4th of both are the new lower block, and so on until they league is finished.
    We work by 2 week basis- gives time to finish a unit and 2 weekends for each round to play
    And if someone can't make it one week, he have the other one to make the fights.
    3) Make the FOC work for you, by starting with a FOC and making it go larger with each step-
    Start with a must of 1Troop and Elite or HQ (I'm in favor of the Elite) and max of (proves to work the best):
    0-1 HQ
    0-1 Elite
    1-3 Troops
    0-1 Fast Attack
    0-1 Heavy support
    Or as follow(my fev', as it forces using troops but somewhat lack anti-tanks, so tank spammers will have a bit of lead until larger games):
    0-1 HQ
    0-1 Elite
    1-4 Troops
    0 Fast Attack
    0 Heavy support
    With steps of 250 points, make it go larger every other step.
    With steps of 500 make it go every step:
    1st step:
    1 HQ
    0-2 Elite
    2-4 Troops
    0-1 Fast Attack
    0-1 Heavy support
    2nd step:
    1-2 HQ
    0-2 Elite
    2-6 Troops
    0-2 Fast Attack
    0-2 Heavy support
    3rd step:
    1-2 HQ
    0-3 Elite
    2-6 Troops
    0-3 Fast Attack
    0-3 Heavy support.
    4) make sure to keep track!-
    a) Make sure every list have a record at the organizer/web and at the player bag too. And the organizer list is tracked by the other players- we have a copy of every list of every player by everyone- as our club photocopies our play sheets
    b) Work out a unified format- we work with GW play sheet, have stats and all to keep track and gives your opponent a way to see what you have.
    c) Decide the game level- you can go by playing with "as is"- once you have the squad it's done and you can’t change anything until 4th step. Or by the "growing"- you can add war gear and more squad members but not reduce (we play that if you take another squad of the same type you can take from the 1st- you have a squad of 7 marines and you want another, you can take the 2 marines off and take another squad of 5, but have to keep them somewhere!), or the "mini-maxi" you can change everything, but once you have a squad, it have to be (aka I have a brood of 20 Tremagant and I don't want them, so I take the minimum needed-10)
    d) Keep track of the win/lose and other stats from previous steps, so that at the end you will have it to see who is at the finals! (it is possible that last place at the last round will be overall 2nd or so and will be at the final).
    5) Have fun!- escalation league aren't balanced, so don’t take it as competitive, keep it friendly and play to have fun!,
    About entry fees- we play with 8 players and entry fees of 10$ each and 1st place gets a box / 2blisters (our club allows to add 20$ and get an armybox).

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