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    Edethor for the Imperium!

    I noticed that despite thre being Imperial co-ordination for Perseus and other Battle zones Edethor was strangely berift of a unification.

    Edethor is second in numbers of battles played only to Hydra, and even then not by much it comprises a large number of LO players too. So let's work together and coordinate.

    There's alot of good news,

    Imperial Guard are rated first in Edethor for today and overall! I hope my games helped out. However Space Marines are currently coming last a massive 2.6 points down from IG and below Orks!

    So there's work to be done.

    LO is co-ordinating with a group known as the Adeptus Administratum, the body responsible
    for the co-ordination in the Storm of Chaos event. With imput from LOer's a plan has been devised for Edethor.

    The fast moving and agressive Astartes will hit Charybdis Crest, purging all Zenos and securing the egress of civilians from Sybilla Tertius along the long road to Deimos Spaceport. Meanwhile Imperial Guard forces will hold and reinforce the Mortise Line, holding like a rock before the rising tide.

    So I encourage you to play battles, even if you lose it counts for campaign points, winning is obviously better though! report them online, participate in GW events or GCN ones. Fight a total war on all fronts an the traitors and zenos will die alike to our cleansing prity!

    Hold and Honour.

    Every time you read this sig: a fairie dies!

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    Brother guardsman, I agree in the fullest, as we speak my marines are cleansing the mortise line of Tyranids.

    The Emperor protects (those with power armour, jk).

    P.S. It's spelt Xenos.

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