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    How Dark Eldar turned out in the Campaign

    This is the final fluff, taken off 40konline, Archonbjorn was kind enough to post it there, I'm just posting it here so you can all see it too.

    The Screaming Holds of the victorious battlefleet heralded the return of No’akei, Daughter of Pain, to Commorragh. The slave pits, filled to overflowing with the captured millions taken from that doomed planet, would secure the support No’akei needed to finally overthrow Vect and gain her revenge in the most public way possible.

    Arrogantly sweeping down the boarding ramp of her flagship, No’akei’s cold gaze swept across the stark architecture of the Dark City. A mirthless smile flitted across her full lips, the flash of her teeth glinting in the sullen light. Surveying the figures moving through the darkness, satisfaction danced over her face as she played through the imminent confrontation in her head. The return of her stature in the Dark Tower would come with the expulsion of Vect – a twin-joy she would bask in for years.

    * * *

    The gathered Archons and their collected retinues huddled in the Hall of Blood, a huge theatre at the centre of the Dark Tower, where the decisions of the Black Heart Kabal were made. Their lowered voices spoke of the anticipation surrounding the return of the Daughter of Pain. She would certainly challenge Vect – the reports of her armies’ countless victories on the doomed Mon-Keigh planet assured her presence here could mean nothing else.

    Asdrubael Vect himself sat with his cadre in the throne of honour at one end of the huge hall. He studied the nobles surrounding him with the calm self-assurance expected of one who had sat at the very head of their Kabal for so many years. The rivers of blood he had spilled and the pain and misery he had caused were second to none in the long history of their dark kin. He caressed the handle of his ornate staff and considered the events that were about to unfold.

    The colossal doors at the end of the hall swung open to reveal the expected figure of No’akei, flanked on either side by warriors of her own inner circle, as well as the Crimson Council, the Dark Court, Red Tide, and many others. The regal posture she held caused a stir in the halls and all eyes turned to watch the procession as she glided down the wide walkway toward the arena floor.

    Vect slammed his staff down onto the black marble floor bringing immediate and complete silence to the hall. He stared down at the graceful figure of No’Akei still advancing towards his position.

    “You dare to return, No’akei?” Vect snarled as he raised a mocking eyebrow. “After we last spoke, I am somewhat surprised that you would wish to show your face here. Surely you do not expect me to welcome you back, even with your paltry offerings gathered from that rock the Mon-keigh had been claiming as their own?”

    No’akei stared unflinchingly up at the Dark Lord, a knowing grin settling over her face.

    “I do not come for your welcome, Vect,” she spat. “I come for your throne! The victories I have delivered stand unmatched by any of our kin. With those loyal to my cause, I return to remove you.”

    “So…a challenge? You must have many followers to be so bold, No’Akei. Many of your fellow Archons in your thrall, many Lords who pay you homage to push you to dare contest my throne… Have you these followers, Daughter of Pain, or are you wasting our time? The punishment for that would be worse than your banishment.”

    “Waste your time? You are wasting everyone’s time! You know you are outmatched here, shadowed by one who has always been your better. Now bow before me and what I have accomplished or be forever shamed. You are nothing any more, Vect!” The furious passion in her voice broke through No’Akei’s calm exterior; she had been waiting for this for too long.

    “Then call your followers, No’Akei, and let it be settled!”

    “Very well. Stand, all my allies, and be counted. Let us take what is ours!” With that call, No’Akei closed her eyes and raised her long, graceful arms towards the ceiling to draw her comrades to join her in finally throwing over the Lord in whose shadow she had so long been forced to dwell. “See my power,Vect?” No’Akei could hear movements from around the hall, the hundreds of Lords who had professed their loyalty to her in exchange for the souls of the countless victims she and her armies had captured on Medusa V, standing to face her hated adversary.

    “Is this some sort of pathetic jest?” The voice of Asdrubael Vect was filled with a mocking tone that shattered the moment in No’Akei’s mind.

    No’akei clenched her teeth, anger and frustration contesting with fear as the realisation of her fate dawned on her. With Vect’s words, No’Akei knew she had been betrayed, her audacious plan had been foiled. Her own betrayal had been ruined by the betrayal of others. She knew what she would see when she opened her eyes, knew it and would be able to do nothing about it. Her plans had been so bold, her victories immense, but it would make no difference. Vect had won again.

    No’Akei opened her eyes.

    Yeah, so we beat No'akie, which is actually because of the work of a member on 40konline too, Incubilord organised an operation called The Throneblooding where those lords loyal to Vect turned against No'akei, asked GW if we could do it and they said if we got enough support then we could. So yeah, looks like we did. This is the best news I've heard all day. Go Vect! :w00t: And now we have some more new decent fluff, sure, its very similar to the story in the dark eldar codex where some dracon tries to overthrow the Archon and gets pwned but this is still cool. Rejoice my brothers, for we are victorious!

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    Booted to the 40k Campaigns forum, where this belongs. ^_^

    ~Thread moved.

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    Yeah! Go Vect! I serously dont know what GW was thinking when they figured out what 'reward' we were supposed to get if we completed our objective. I mean, chaos would get a new super cool deamon character, eldar would get to keep Craftworld Alaitoc, nids would get a new lictor variant, and we would get to start a giant civil war amongst ourselves, and kill our coolest special character.. heurika! How about giving us a reason to fight, GW?

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