Some of you may remember me and my colleagues from the Medusa V campaign as Task Force Serpent, the US based Imperial Guard task force which contributed greatly to the Imperial victory. I come to you with a proposition. A number of our members have joined together to mastermind a new 40k campaign, one that will center on the individual achievements of all members.

It takes place on a heavily contested planet on the Eastern Fringe, embittered by war and Imperial indifference. Finally, the citizens and their Xenos mercenaries there have decided to revolt against their Imperial Masters. Unfortunately, Imperial resources have been so strained after Medusa V that Exterminatus is simply out of the question. Reclamation is all that the current resources allow.

The name of the planet is Rorian IX.

We as a group have spent countless hours devising and perfecting the different aspects of the campaign, and have ironed out the finer points. All in all, the campaign is going to be a great positive experience, but we need YOU!

So, what is the Rorian IX campaign?

It's a campaign launched in the spirit of Medusa V by a number of players who were rather influential in the outcome. We enjoyed it so much we wanted to do it again

Who can join?

Any and all players can join. Because all battles are based off of whether or not you win or lose, numbers of individual players per race does not matter as much. However, naturally Xenos players are highly encouraged to play.

How is it worked out?

It works in a very similar fashion to Medusa V in that, you post a battle, size, report, location, etc., and you recieve a certain amount of points for the said battle. Certain factions *are* limited to certain areas, but this can be changed depending on their successes. DISCLAIMER: We highly encourage battle reports, as well as honest playing. No one gets a prize at the end of this, so please, don't cheat. While we hope we only need to rely on the honor system, we have the resources to enforce the rules and regulations.

When does it start?

The opening shots of the campaign will begin on December 14th. Before that time, you will be able to meet up with all of your fellow soldiers, discuss battle plans, and organize.

Where do I find it?
The site for the Rorian IX campaign is located here.

There is a link there to our parent forums, where you can discuss anything and everything necessary.

Field Marshal Jerard Davies
Task Force Serpent