Players out there in this ever growing tide of war, for thousands of years and for many eons passed, forces of the imperium, citizens of the Tau, hordes of the tyranids, legions of the necrons, survivors of the eldar, and the rest of the galaxy have clashed head on with one another, bringing about their victory or utter destruction. It is during this dark hour that heroes and heretics emerge. And it is also upon this time that countless campaigns against foul xenos and traitorous rebels take place. The Emperor is aging, but so is this war. At the end of the 42nd Millenia where will this all lead to? and what happens when the very psychic foundations of the Universe converge with an unusually active warp storm? If you guys out there feel like making a campaign in which all of you will have a part in constructing and modifying then im all open to ideas, you guys can also design your own maps but be sure to scan and send all copies to us, along with your own unique rules for your map.

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