(Wasn't sure where to post this so stuck it here. Just wanted to get some feed back on what people think. Its my first campaign I am running on my own. There are 4 players involved, Tau, Chaos, Sisters and Necron. There is a map drawn on a 3 by 4 foot graph paper divided up into zones. Anyhow... if you don't mind lemme know if this is to complicated a setup for a campaign, if you see any problems with it. I am sure I am missing something, I tend to get into details so much that I miss glaring obvious problems.)

Deltris Campaign

Deltris II, Cardinal World

The Ecclesiarchy has decreed this world be a home for the Sisters of the Order Dialogous. It has fallen to the Order of the Storm Lily to protect the Sisters and their work. The Imperial Navy keeps a substantial system defense force which is operated from one of its many battle fortresses while a small contingent of Inquisitorial Inducted Guard serve planet side. Only those with Inquisitorial permission may set foot upon this world and the entire population work for the Ecclesiarchy on this world in one profession or another.

Forces involved

Sisters of Battle

The Order of the Storm Lily works to defend the Sisters of the Order Dialogous across multiple worlds of the Imperium and have fought vicious campaigns both defending and recovering the data of the Ecclesiarchy.
Sister Delphane of the Order Dialogous received Divine Guidance from the Emperor, warning the Order of the Storm Lily. Her vision showed her three things; a young xeno pilfering the vaults of the Order Dialogous while traitors paint the sky red with the blood of innocents as death walked the great cathedrals encased in metal. So great was the vision and with such faith was it taken that the Order of the Storm Lily ordered the evacuation of the city and such faith was rewarded by the Emperor for shortly after the last great transport left the invasion of the city began.
Their mission goal is simple, purge the enemies of the Emperor and protect the great cathedrals and knowledge of the Order Dialogous at all cost.


The Tau recovered data from a crash site of an Inquisitorial ship that was carrying some ancient texts and data files on the Kii and their technological advances. The Inquisitor and his retinue died in the crash but the transported materials survived, the Tau learned that they were being taken to Deltris II to be stored with the remainder of the Xeno data. The Tau quickly understood the technological structure and direction that the Kii took just from what little information they did find at the crash site; it modeled much of their own with some noted advances in interstellar ship design. Deeming this an important find, the Fire Caste has been sent to retrieve the data from Deltris II. They seek the Repository Ultima Secondarious.
They only know the Vault insignia and city that it resides in. Due to the backwards design of the Imperial data systems, they can not determine the actual location in the city itself and there fore will need to search the city vault by vault or until they have found another way to locate the correct vault and its location in the city.
Carefully and in secret they moved a strike force into position near the system and made their plans. Their patience paid off when the Imperial Fleet suddenly engaged an unknown foe near the edge of the system and was either destroyed or disabled. Knowing that there could possibly be a new foe out there, the Tau made the decision to strike now while the Imperials where occupied. Their small fleet quickly moved in and disabled the few battle fortresses in orbit and made land fall near the target in question.
Knowing they have little time for soon the Imperium would respond in force, they quickly began surgically searching the city for the Repository Ultima Secondarious.


The Cardinal world of Deltris II has held the Orb of Asyn’tir for thousands of years, locked away in a vault completely unaware of its true power... or misguided.
In the hands of the Imperium this Orb is simply an artifact both ancient and nearly impossible to destroy. The Order Dialogous has gathered all scripts and text regarding this artifact but have only obtained the knowledge of that at one time… it prevented a world from falling to Enslavers by removing the connection to the Warp. The very implications of such power both frightens and intrigues the Inquisition.
What the Imperium knows about the Orb is completely incorrect. The shield effect did indeed cover an entire world and even more so but it has nothing to do with the warp. The Dragon used these Orbs to disable technology outside their own, part of the reason that the Old Ones were forced to invest so much into Psychic warriors.
Unbeknown to the Tau the Necrons had observed and watched their movements at the edge of the system and included them into their dark plans. Luring the Imperial Fleet out to the edge of the system the Necrons destroyed or disabled most of them quickly with their great tomb ships. As planned, the Tau took the opening to strike the world and as expected both the Imperials and Tau met head on in the streets of Deltris. Every life lost was a life not impeding the mission of the Necrons.
Only when the forces of Chaos arrived through a newly opened gate did the Necrons push their plans forward with haste. Chaos could cause significant problems if the world were to fall to the sway of the Warp. Teleporting directly to the surface during the late night hours it took the Necrons less than an hour to recover the Orb. The Necron Lord of the Blighted Legion now stands alongside the other Necron warriors in defending the Orb, waiting for its new master, the Nightbringer to arrive and harvest the world.
The mission is simple… defend the Orb till the Nightbringer arrives.

Forces of Chaos

During the initial stages of the Tau landing they performed several orbital surgical strikes to help soften the defenses of the enemy positions. Near the Star Port a series of explosions breached a vault, opening its contents up to the sky. As the Tau and Imperial forces fought and died, the single relic in the newly opened vault began to sip upon the chaos of the battle around it.
In the Warp... upon a favored world of Khorne, opened a Gate. The Gate of Eldrin. The Demon Prince Rakash rejoiced for the fortune of Khorne had blessed him with such opportunity. He knew of this gate. Knew it was lost when the world of Simor V was literally destroyed by a cataclysmic explosion. Knew it now sat upon a world ripe with the so called pure daughters of the False Emperor. He knew its true power and how it could be moved from world to world and with enough blood... opened as needed allowing the forces of Chaos entry. Quickly a force of World Eaters was formed and sent through it before it closed, for whatever fueled it was waning quickly. It needed... it thirsted for fresh and pure blood.
Without warning the World Eaters flooded into the city of Deltris seeking blood for the Blood God and the shock of this sudden and unexpected arrival gave the World Eaters a critical position in the city. The Star Port. Unfortunately though the city was already evacuated by the Order and so the World Eaters are seeking the blood from both the Tau and Sisters.
All they need is enough blood to empower the gate to stay open long enough to flood the world with Chaos. To wrap it in its embrace while the spawn of Khorne dance across its surface reaping great quantities of blood and skulls for their god.
Demon Prince Rakash has a simple mission, to slaughter and feed the Gate of Eldrin blood till it overflows and opens such a portal to the Warp that the world will be swallowed in it.
Rules of Play

Army Lists Notes

Each army may only field up to 1500 points. The Starting Zones will have a garrison force of 1000 points as well. There is an exception to this rule in the Special Unit Rewards gained on various missions.

Campaign Turns

The Game will go 30 Campaign Turns with a possible random chance for extended turns based on events that occur. Each Force has its own set of mission goals.

Each Campaign Turn will go as follows
Command Phase (All Forces)
> Determine your Campaign Command and Supply Points
> Rebuild Army Strength
> Deployment Rank – Rolled and handled like initiative
Battle Phase (Per Force)
1. Movement – Based on Deployment, each Force can move
2. Battle – A battle must be fought when two forces occupy a single zone
Contest and Control Phase (All Forces)
>Contest and Control –Results of battles fought

Campaign Turns – All Forces do this at the same time. Each Campaign Turn has three phases, the Initial Command Phase, the Battle Phase and the Contest and Control Phase.

Command Phase

Campaign Command and Supply: Each Force will begin play with 2 Supply Points plus their strategy rating per turn. During the game as certain objectives are met, they may gain additional Supply Points. This represents various Command and Supply needs of an Army. CSS Points work on a use it or lose it basis per Campaign Turn.

Rebuild Army Strength: Army that is Broken requires 2 CSS Points to rebuild and an Army that is completely massacred still requires 2 CSS Points to rebuild and also starts in the Starting Zone.

Deployment Rank: Roll a d6 and add this to the Strategy Rating of the Army. This determines whose army will move first and commit them to battle first. Use a d6 to break ties.

Battle Phase

Movement: The force with the highest Deployment Rank moves their army first. Movement requires the owner to spend a single Campaign Command and Supply point. Each zone will have a difficulty number and if an army decides to move into said zone, they will need to beat the difficulty number. For example, if the Sisters wish to move into a Hab Complex, they will check the difficulty number which is 3+. They spend a CCS Point and roll a D6. A 4 is rolled and the Sisters move their army into the zone.

(Special Note: If an army attempts to move into a zone and fails, the repeat attempts reduce the difficulty by 1 to a minimum of 2+. A roll of 1 always fails, which means that for whatever reason, the army just got bogged down by the ruins, terrain and maze of the Imperial City. Each repeat attempt still costs a single CCS Point.)

Battle: When one Army enters a zone with another army, a battle must take place. The only possible way to avoid this is for one side to retreat. See the ‘Retreat’ rules for details on this action. Each Force involved in the battle must roll a d6 and add this to their Strategy Rating. Highest is allowed to choose the mission. All battle results use Victory Points to determine the winner, loser or draw.
Draw: All armies involved may choose to Retreat or stay and contend for the zone in the next round. An army that chooses to stay is not allowed to move in their next turn but may reinforce.
Win/Lose: The winner gains control of the Zone while the loser must make a Fall Back.

Contest and Control Phase – Wrap up and map marking.

Uncontested Zone: When an army moves into a zone that is uncontested they immediately gain control of this zone. It will stay this way till another army moves into the zone or the owning force is removed from the campaign.

Contested Zone: When an army that moves into a zone that is already occupied, then one of three things may occur. One, a battle occurs between the two forces. Two, one force retreats from the zone following the ‘Retreat’ rules. Three, the two forces are allied. There are no other options. (Even if two sides want to ally, they can not until both sides have fulfilled the required requirements. This does not mean that both sides can have a battle and limit the actual combat.)

Control of a Zone: Controlling a Zone offers the owning Force a ‘+1’ to their movement roll when attempting to pass through the zone. Certain zones offer optional special events and battlefield utility, such as Fire Suppression System.

Special Rules

Retreat: An Army that chooses to retreat from one zone to another must still follow the Movement rules. They must spend a CCS Point and must still roll in order to move into another zone. It is possible that an Army that has no CCS Points or fails its roll in order to move into another Zone will get caught in a battle. This is to represent the fact that the army is low on supplies or maybe took to many wrong turns in the city zone in their attempt to retreat allowing the enemy to catch up to them.
Falling Back: The Falling Back actions is only used when an army loses a battle and is forced to fall back. This action does not use a CSS Point and no Move Test is required. This is the only time this action is allowed to occur.
Being Broken: An Army that lost two battles in a row and is forced to fall back into an adjacent zone does so without needing to make the difficult roll or spend a CCS Point but the Army is considered to be Broken and will require 2 CCS Points to rebuild.

Army Status

Full Strength, Broken and Massacred, Massacred isn’t really a state but more of a ‘haha you got your ass whooped please start from go again dork’.

Full Strength: An army that is not broken or massacred is considered Full Strength and can claim Zones and move normally.
Broken: An army that has been beaten twice in a row and forced to retreat is considered Broken. A broken army can not claim Zones nor can it move about the city. It follows the following rules while broken. If an enemy army moves into the same zone as a Broken Army, it may choose to Retreat to an adjacent Zone following a line back to its starting zone. (Follow the shortest route back to the starting zone). If the Retreat action fails, then the Broken army will find itself in Battle and could face a Massacre.
Massacre!: A Massacred Army loses it all and the Force must redeploy a new Army at the starting Zone. If the Starting Zone is occupied by an enemy Force and the Army is Massacred, they have lost the Campaign and any remaining forces withdraw. A Massacre can only occur in the following way. The army was beaten twice in a row and is considered ‘Broken’ then forced into another battle and every model is removed from the game. This is a special mission, ‘Break Out’ I want to say.
Army Specials and Tokens

Sisters of Battle Special: When fighting in or near a Cathedral they are Fearless.
Alliance vs. Necrons: The Tau and Sisters can choose to Ally when both have gained 10 Necron Investigative Data each.
Alliance vs. Chaos: The Tau and Sisters can choose to Ally when both have gained 25 Chaos Blood Vats each.
Mutant Prison Break: During the course of the Campaign, combatant forces may encounter Mutant escapees who will attack the closest unit in proximity of them.

Prior to each battle in specified zones; roll a d6 and on a roll of 4+ a d3 number of Mutant units will run rampant across the battle field. The Mutants will arrive via deep strike using the Reserve rules. Place the point of entry on either of the long sides of the table. Set each side with a number designation of 1 thru 3 and the other as 4 thru 6. Roll the direction die and 2d6. Re roll any direction that takes the unit off the table. Mutants always attack the closest non Mutant units.


Tokens will represent objectives that can be obtained in battle allowing forces to bring them closer to their mission goals. Tokens can also open up special missions giving the Army a chance to bring in assistance from special units.

Tau Information Modules (Recovered from the Tau Empire), Khorne Blood Vats (Recovered from the Forces of Chaos), and Dialogous Data Cubes (Recovered from the Sisters of Battle)

Collecting from the Tau, Chaos and the Sisters works the same way. At the end of a battle fought against one of these forces, tally up any slain HQs, disabled (but not ‘Exploded’ or ‘Annihilated’) Vehicles and any Sister Superiors, Aspiring Champions or Shas’ui. Roll a d6 per model; on a roll of 4+ a token is collected.

Khorne Blood Offerings (Recovered from Tau, Sisters of Battle and even Mutants)

The World Eaters gain a single Blood Offering for every kill they make on the battlefield, as long as they win or at least force a draw in the battle. At the end of the battle the opposing player(s) need to tally up the number of slain members of their army, units that count are individual soldiers, not vehicles (crew count) or machines. If the World Eaters lose a battle then they are assumed to have no time in recovering the Blood Offerings from the fallen.

Necron Investigational Data – Recovered from fallen Inquisitorial Retinue

Necron tokens are collected in a different way. Prior to the invasion, Sister Delphane had a vision of the coming Necrontyr, sent to recover an ancient artifact that could condemn entire worlds. The Inquisition began an investigation on the artifacts present in the city, searching every vault and cathedral but as it began so did the invasion. What the various forces will find is the remains of one of the Inquisitor Retinue who has fallen and with them lays a Necrontyr Investigation Data token.

Prior to each battle, roll a d6, on a roll of 5+ place the token in a random location between the embattled forces. Assigned to each of these Tokens is a unit of Flayed Ones (5 strong) that will rise out of the ground chosen by the direction die and 2d6 using the Token as the marker. Re roll Direct hits till a direction is rolled. Same rules apply as if they deep strike, if the unit hits another unit then they are destroyed. Flayed Ones will immediately assault the unit closest to the Data and can act on the turn they arrive (unlike the normal DS rules).

Imperial Data Terminals

The Tau will need the Imperial Data Terminals in order to determine where the Vault they seek is hidden. Prior to each battle, roll a d6 and consult the chart below. The Sisters will only see the enemy stripping a terminal… one of thousands in the city and they can defend them but not destroy them. In order to control a Data Terminal, the Tau need to have a scoring unit within 6 inches of it by game and it be uncontested... or they simply win the battle by driving the enemy entirely off the board.

Turns 1 thru 9 – roll a 5+ and you get d3 tokens to place
Turns 10 thru 19 – roll a 4+ and you get d3 tokens to place
Turns 20+ – roll a 3+ and you get d3 tokens to place

(All missions can be repeated once) (Some missions will allow for a special unit or character to be able to join the Force but not be counted as part of the FoC or 1500 point limit. Basically these are free units that can assist the army until the end of the game.)

Sisters of Battle Missions

The Palatine Jubilee – Recover 3 Necron Tokens
This Mission will give the Sisters of Battle a chance to recover the Palatine Jubilee from the Necrons. They will have to battle Necrontyr in order to recover her.

The Exorcists Recovery – Recover 15 Tau Tokens
During the invasion the Tau shot down an Imperial drop ship. While they noted the crash site, they are not deploying forces to the crash site unless required to. The Sisters will discover this location and have a chance to deploy a force to recover it. The Tau will also in turn have a chance to stop them.

Inquisitorial Lady Tamara – Recover 15 Chaos Tokens
As the forces of Chaos overran the Space Port, Inquisitor Lady Tamara had just arrived. She and her retinue have been avoiding the traitor legions ever since and causing as much havoc as she can while she is doing it. The Sisters will learn of her actions and have a chance to recover her and her retinue.

Divination Study – Recover 20 Tau and Chaos Tokens
Upon collecting enough tokens the Sisters will learn what it is that the Tau and Chaos is doing here. This will allow the Sisters to impede the efforts of their enemies.
Against the Tau, the Sisters will recover the contents of the Repository Ultima Secondarious and move them to a hidden location. The Tau will still need to collect enough Dialogous Data Cubes in order to discover its location. Once the Tau determines this location, the Sisters will be allowed to defend it.

Inquisition Results – Recover 10 Necron Tokens
Once the Sisters have recovered enough of the Investigation data, they will learn the truth of the Necron presence. Both the Sisters and the Tau need to recover 10 Necron Tokens in order to ally.

To Purge and Protect – Special
The Sisters face a daunting task of stopping the Necrons before their plans come to fruition, holding back the forces of Chaos if not purging them completely, and keeping the xenos from pilfering the secrets of the Order Dialogous. Even if the Tau secure the data and flee the Sisters can still hold fast and protect the world from Chaos and the Necrons. The Necrons will need to be destroyed completely while they only need hold off Chaos from finishing their sacrifices till the arrival of the Imperial Fleet (which will occur on turn 30).

Forces of Chaos Missions

The Khorne Lord Kain – Recover 15 Tau Tokens
During a battle a brief skirmish with the Forces of Chaos, the Tau recorded a great Chaos warrior getting trapped under an Imperial Reclamation Bay when it collapsed. The Tau forces were recalled to another more serious battle but recorded the position with the intent to return to it later and make sure the Chaos warrior is dead. Chaos will have a chance to recover Lord Kain and the Tau will seek to slay him once and for all.

Chaos Reigns – Recover 15 Sister Tokens
During the initial Chaos attack, several units of Chaos have made their way to the prison only to find its barriers a bit more than they could handle. Now the surviving Possessed Marines are trapped in a Fortified Structure that reduced them to a catatonic state. A small squad Sisters has them locked up and is monitoring them, as soon as they see the encroaching Chaos forces they will call in a larger force of Sisters of Battle.

The Alleyway Predator – Recover 3 Necron Tokens
The emergence of Chaos into the city wasn't without its own problems, during the initial frays a unit of Predators found itself lost in the maze of streets and now hunt what citizens remained with glee. Chaos is required to recover the Predators. The Predator will be placed in the middle of the table hidden and will come in as per escalation. If a unit is occupying that area... it will simply come in near by. The Necrons have ignored the Predator but upon seeing the Forces of Chaos enter in search they will intercept in an attempt to destroy it.

Blood for the Blood God – Sacrifice 300 souls to the Blood God
The Forces of Chaos are here to open the Gate of Eldrin and to do that they need Blood and lots of it. The Blood God requires the blood of innocents and pure. The Forces of Chaos have found that the blood of the Sisters and the Tau will satisfy the Blood God. Chaos must keep a tally of each soul slain in battle and once this gate opens the world will fall under the grip of the Warp for an untold amount of centuries. Necrons will simply phase out while both the tau and any remaining Imperials forces find themselves trapped in a hellish nightmare of a world only to be the prey of the World Eaters. Chaos wins.

The Tau Empire Missions

The Ethereal Tal’vre – Recover 15 Sister Tokens
The Ethereal Tal’vre was captured in a conflict on Medusa V and brought here in order to aid the Sisters of the Order Dialogous in translating. During the initial phase of the invasion, the prison suffered a hit and the Ethereal was freed. The Sisters have his general location but until the greater threats are eliminated they can’t afford to hunt him down. Upon seeing the Tau move in they will certainly be able to respond in kind.

Miss Drop - Recover 15 Chaos Tokens
During landfall, an elite Stealth team was dropped early in order to infiltrate the space port. Unfortunately the forces of Chaos overran it trapping the Stealth team in a structure. Laying low they have found that Chaos has blanketed the area with some strange power that is killing their transmissions. All around them, Chaos waits. The Tau will be forced to push back the Forces of Chaos in order to give the stealth team a chance to break out without being cut to pieces.

Operation Hammerhead – Recover 3 Necron Tokens
During one of the initial stages of the Tau operation, a small squad of Hammerheads was overrun by the Necrontyr and its crews slain. Thought lost in battle, these Hammerheads lay disabled in an out of the way location. A small force of Necrons is searching through a part of the city and as soon as the Tau arrives in force, they will signal for reinforcements quickly.

Inquisition Results – Recover 10 Necron Tokens
Once the Tau have recovered enough of the Investigation data, they will learn the truth of the Necron presence. Both the Sisters and the Tau need to recover 10 Necron Tokens in order to ally.

The Repository Ultima Secondarious – Recover 24 Imperial Tokens
In order to track down the exact Vault the Tau must search through dozens of Imperial Data Terminals and as soon as they discover its location (it will be randomly determined on the map at that time) they may/will still need to move their Army to retrieve it. (it will be possible that the location itself will be defended and enemy armies may move to defend it). As soon as the Tau how the information in their hands the Army needs to move back to the Landing Zone where they are immediately evacuated from the planet.

The Necrontyr Missions

The Lord Darkspite – Recover 15 Chaos Tokens
Sent ahead of the Invasion, the Lord of Darkspite discovered a vault that housed the Sisters information on the Orb and other relics but not the Orb itself. As Chaos descended, the vault doors sealed shut locking the Necron Lord inside. As Chaos overran the area, they discovered the vault and what lay inside and choose to leave it sealed since the Lord provided no blood of his own for the cause. The Lord has simply chosen to pour through the records of the vault before he leaves. A force of Necrontyr will need to be sent to find out what Lord Darkspite found that has kept him so busy.

Heavy Destruction – Recover 15 Sister Tokens
The Sisters are protecting an ancient item that was discovered on a distant world several thousand years prior to the attack. Unable to decipher the script, the Disc was placed in a vault and sealed. The Necrons will discover this information in the Data recovered from the Sisters of the Order Dialogous. The Sisters who monitor this Vault will alert their Battle Sisters of the incursion so that they may respond. With this artifact Lord Darkspite can upgrade a squad of Destroyers to Heavies.

Immortal Conflict – Recover 15 Tau Tokens
The Tau recovered an artifact in one of the first vaults they entered, something that the Necrons would prefer to have back. In its current form, its useless… especially to the humans and tau. To the Necrons… it can be re grown into an Obelisk so if the Necrons can recover this they will be able to summon forth the Immortals that were sealed into it.

Orb of Asyn’tir- Survive 30 Turns
Since the first night of the Necron invasion they took control of the Orb immediately and now only await the Nightbringer to arrive in his full might to harness its true power. As soon as the Nightbringer arrives the battle is over and the harvest begins. The only way for the Necrons to lose is to lose their starting location and their army to be removed from the game by being massacred.

City Zones

Generic Cathedral Missions
Cathedral Entrance Mission: Strongpoint Attack
Terrain: Cathedral entrance in the Defender’s Deployment and ruined buildings litter the area.
Allowable Unit Type: All
Inside the Cathedral Mission: Secure and Control
Terrain: Battlefield is littered with chairs, benches etc with very few actual obstacles.
Allowable Unit Type: All, No Bombardment, Orbital Strike or Drop Pods
Special: The roll for Imperial Tokens is 3+

Order of the Storm Lily Battle Monastery
(Staging Point of the Sisters of Battle)
Monastery Entrance Mission: Strongpoint Attack
Terrain: Cathedral entrance in the Defender’s Deployment and ruined bunkers litter the area.
Allowable Unit Type: All
Lower level Missions: Night Fight and Ambush
Terrain: Maze of cells and small halls
Allowable Unit Types: Infantry and limited Jump Infantry only, No Bombardment, Orbital Strike or Drop Pods.
Special: All Sisters have Acute Sense and are Fearless while fighting in this section of their Holy Monastery.

Cathedral of Saint Kidal
(Landing zone for the Necrons)
Cathedral Entrance Mission: Strongpoint Attack
Terrain: Cathedral entrance in the Defender’s Deployment and ruined buildings litter the area.
Allowable Unit Type: All
Inside the Cathedral Mission: Secure and Control
Terrain: Battlefield is littered with chairs, benches etc with very few actual obstacles.
Allowable Unit Type: All, No Pre Bombardment, Orbital Strike or Drop Pods
Special: Necrons while defending will have access to Ordinance from the Dark Monolith usable once per turn. Same stats as the Particle Whip but with a 48 inch range measured from the edge of the table anywhere along their deployment zone. All movement is considered to be in terrain. Vehicles are unaffected by troops must roll as if moving through difficult terrain and jump drops must roll dangerous terrain tests when jumping.

Hab Complex Missions
Complex Missions: Night Fight, Cleanse, Seek and Destroy, Recon, and Ambush
Terrain: Maze of Hab Buildings with small pathways
Allowable Unit Types: Infantry, Jump Infantry, Monstrous Creatures, Bikes and Jet Bikes, No Pre Bombardment or Orbital Strike
Special: The roll for Imperial Tokens is 3+

Several Hab Complexes dot the City;
Hab Complex Delphi – Made up of 3 Control Complexes
Hab Complex Aphis – Made up of 2 Control Complexes
Hab Complex Alpha – Made up of 1 Control Complex
Hab Complex Zeta - Made up of 3 Control Complexes

Black Fortress (Prison)
Upper level Missions: Seek and Destroy, Sabotage, Ambush, and Take and Hold
Terrain: Maze of prison cells and two major pathways
Allowable Unit Types: Infantry and limited Jump Infantry and vehicles on Paths only, No Pre Bombardment, Orbital Strike or Drop Pods
Lower level Missions: Night Fight and Ambush
Terrain: Maze of prison cells and small pathways
Allowable Unit Types: Infantry and limited Jump Infantry, No Pre Bombardment, Orbital Strike or Drop Pods

Highway Missions: Recon and Sabotage
Terrain: Single 2 foot wide space to represent the Highway littered with many vehicles. Highway sides are covered with pillars limiting line of sight from the outside in and vice versa. Sentry Turrets line the middle of the highway. Highway is elevated and can have two on ramps for access.
Allowable Unit Types: All, No Pre Bombardment or Orbital Strike

Power Plant
Power Plant Missions: Secure and Control
Terrain: Mix of city buildings and a large building representing the Power Plant
Allowable Unit Types: All
Special Rules: Controlling the Power Plant will allow the Controlling Player to utilize the Power Overload Special rule in a battle.

Water Filtration Facility
Water Filtration Facility Missions: Secure and Control
Terrain: Mix of large water vats and small control buildings.
Allowable Unit Types: All
Special Rules: The water is very deep. Treat as impassable terrain to ground forces. Skimmers can pass over easily enough.
Special Rules: Controlling the Water Filtration Facility will allow the Controlling Player to utilize the Fire Suppression Special rule in a battle.

Administrative Quarter
Administrative Quarter Missions: Secure and Control
Terrain: Mix of buildings with several Sentry Turrets
Allowable Unit Types: All
Special Rules: Controlling the Administrative Quarter will allow the Controlling Player to utilize the Lock Down Special rule in a battle.

Business and Recreational Quarters
B and R Quarter Missions: Secure and Control, Cleanse, Seek and Destroy
Terrain: Mix of buildings with several Sentry Turrets
Allowable Unit Types: All

The Historical Grounds
Historical Ground Missions: Recon, Seek and Destroy, Cleanse, Blitz, and Meat Grinder
Terrain: Large open areas with statues dotting the landscape
Allowable Unit Types: All

Forbidden Park of Saint Lucious the 3rd
(Landing zone for the Tau)
Forbidden Park Entrance Mission: Strongpoint Attack
Terrain: Park entrance in the Defender’s Deployment and ruined buildings litter the area.
Allowable Unit Type: All
Forbidden Ground Missions: Seek and Destroy, Cleanse, Blitz, and Meat Grinder
Terrain: Large open areas with statues dotting the landscape.
Allowable Unit Types: All
Special: Tau gain access to 8 Seeker Missiles that can be fired from a drop ship per battle. Fired at BS 5.

Space Port ‘Sanctuary’
(Landing zone for the Forces of Chaos)
Space Port Entrance Mission: Strongpoint Attack
Terrain: Space Port entrance in the Defender’s Deployment and ruined bunkers litter the area.
Allowable Unit Type: All
Port Proper Mission: Night Fight, Cleanse, Seek and Destroy, Recon, and Ambush
Terrain: The only obstacles are the still docked ships of the Imperium but they make formidable impassable terrain; any man or vehicle that attempts to move over the docked ships will be blown apart by the Port Defense Systems so all the fighting will occur close to the ground.
Allowable Unit Type: All, No Pre Bombardment, Orbital Strike or Drop Pods
Special: Chaos has access to the Port Defense System, least what is left since their initial attack on the place. Once per turn during the enemies movement phase, the Port Defense System will make an attempt to destroy the moving ‘enemy’ units, only units that move can be fired upon. A pair of twin linked autocannons fire from the massive armored ceiling directly down onto the battle. To determine what angle the attack is coming from (so you can determine which vehicle armor value to use), roll a d6 and determine the table edge. Short edges should be 1 and 2 while the long edges should be 3 to 4 and 5 to 6. Something like that.

Terrain and Control Rules

Buildings/Ruined structures: 4+ Cover Save

Fortified Buildings/Structures: 3+ Cover Save

Bunkers/Tank Traps/Razor Wire: As per rule book

Vehicles: Can not move through buildings. These buildings are not in a state of complete ruin. Vehicles must use the roads or alleys. Skimmers can still move over obstacles.

Lock Down, Fire Suppression and Power Overload: These are a one time per battle use. Though you can use one of each in a battle as long as you control the appropriate zones that allow them. The controlling player must choose prior to deployment which building(s) will be the target of the effect(s) when the ability becomes active. The activation uses the reserves rule to determine when it occurs. When it becomes available, the effects are either immediate or carry over into the opposing players turn. Read below for details.

Lock Down: Upon a successful Lock Down on a building shuts all the windows and doors locking them down. Any unit with models trapped inside must spend their moving phase ‘moving’ as they break the doors down. This will cause a unit to be considered ‘moved’ in as far as shooting rules go.
Use: When this power becomes available, the controlling player announces which building is now Locked Down and yes... it still has to be predetermined.
Rules: Any models inside the building are considered out of LoS till the Lock Down is removed. Any unit with models inside the building when the lock down occurs is considered to be attempting to break the lock down and spends their movement phase doing this so when the Lock Down ends, the unit can still shoot in the Shooting Phase but is considered to have moved. If there are no units inside the building, it becomes impassable terrain. Units with models trapped inside will always remove the Lock Down.

Fire Suppression: Upon a successful Fire Suppression activation, dozens of Fire Suppression nozzles immediately kick on and dose the area in foam.
Use: When this power becomes available, an entire quarter of the table is covered by its effects. It will last till the start of the controlling players next movement phase.
Rules: Any unit caught inside when the effect goes off suffers from limited vision as well as units shooting into the effect for its difficult to determine what lump of foam is what. Even if the unit moves out of the effect they still must abide by the rules of it. Units inside the Effect count as being in Cover for Assault and provides a 5+ Cover Save while being shot at. Units shooting into and out of the effect must use 2d6x2 to determine range. This can not be combined with other similar abilities such as the Stealth Fields.

Power Overload: By controlling the Power Plant in the city, players can overload the power in a building turning it into an electrical death trap to those inside. The buildings override circuitry will shut down the overload but this can allow a crafty commander to put some hurt on the enemy using the building as cover. Any model caught inside the building when this action takes place, takes a strength 3 hit automatically, armor saves allowed.
Use: When this power becomes available the building in question immediately suffers from a Power Overload.
Rules: Any model caught inside during will take a STR X hit (the STR is equal to the Toughness), armor saves allowed but not cover saves. The effect will continue until the game ends.

Alternate Rules/House Rules

Immobilized vehicle rule

The crew in an immobilized vehicle may opt to bail and assist in the fighting on foot. This only applies to certain vehicles that have crew capable of fighting on foot, Necrons would not benefit from this if the Monolith is immobilized or the Tech Priest crew of the Land Raider would never leave their blessed machine. Basically, any crew that leaves their vehicle will have the same stats and equipment of the army basic troop choice, such as a downed land speeder would give you two basic space marines with bolters or pistol and close combat weapon. A Sisters of Battle Rhino would give a single Battle Sister with a Bolter.

The crew must move immediately toward the nearest unit of the same type. The crew may fire while moving toward the nearest unit. Similar to the firing while falling back rule.

Shooting Measurement and Line of Sight

Vehicles: Measure from the point of the gun where it is mounted onto the vehicle model. Such as the turret, Sponsons or hull mounted weapons. It is possible for one side sponson to not have line of sight while the other side does.

Non Vehicle: Measure from the Head of the model to the Head of the target model. To many models have odd shapes, are standing in odd positions or are on different size bases so this has so far been the easiest and most practical way of getting appropriate measurements.

Vehicle Ramming Rules

This action is performed in the Movement Phase.

Vehicle Leadership (Rule Book pg 244)
Chaos Space Marines 9
Dark Eldar 8
Eldar 8
Imperial Guard 7
Orks 7
Sisters of Battle 8
Space Marines 8
Tau 7

The crew of the vehicle that is ordered to perform a ramming attack must make a leadership test.

Vehicle must move at least 6 inches in the Movement Phase and ram the intended target, hull to hull. The basic roll is a d6 added to the front armor of the ramming vehicle and compare that to the target vehicles armor. Treat the result for Glance/Penetration. See below for modifications to the basic rolling premise.

Tracked Vehicles gain an effective +2 to their Armor Rating for ramming purposes either as the target or the attacker. This may seem redundant when its tracked versus tracked but the purpose is to make it easier to remember all around when you factor in skimmers ramming tracked vehicles or tracked vehicles ramming an immobilized skimmer.

Normal vehicle rules apply such as Hull Down, Smoke effects, etc. If a vehicle is able to down grade a Penetration hit to a Glance because of Speed, Smoke etc... they still can from a Ramming Attack.

Vehicles that move over 10 inches in the Movement Phase gain a +1 to the Armor Penetration roll. Though it is possible for some vehicles to move over 12 inches, moving at such speeds and ramming another vehicle is certain death for the crew. Ramming already has its own dangers but its a course that can be survived but when your moving so fast... survival is next to none and no crew will commit to such task. Cept for Orks cause they are all Orky.

Tracked vehicles can not ram Skimmers unless the Skimmer is immobilized or has landed.

Skimmers that ram tracked vehicles always suffer a glance against themselves. Skimmers can ram other skimmers but the same glancing rule applies if the target moved enough to use the Glancing rule.


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