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    seeking an elder death by tyranids

    I am new to the 40K universe and want help battling a elder force, the first battle [and only so far] i did with my elder playing friend Haydyn kinda went like this.


    (((=Low wall
    ##= One of his chiken walker things....
    $$$$=Skimmer which went near the bottem when engaging the raveners
    &&&&=Squad which was destroyed.....
    ^ Ripper death beds
    %% Carrnie death bed
    @= Warier death bed
    He places barricades from some old game set [not 40k] which aloud his soldiers to see over terrain when stationed there.

    Everything flowed, all rippers died before reaching lines.

    And so did My wariers.

    And so did My horrmer-gaunts

    My carnifex hit front lines crushing claws and scything didn't help died pretty quick but let My raveners come in to destroy the squad.

    My gene stealer's took down his 2.....[They looked like chicken walkers from star wars.] and a bit of his 3rd solider squad on one of the barricades before dieing. Most useful they where.

    My 3 ravener's pulled back from the destroyed 1st squad [with a dead power fist commander!!] and chased his skimmer from turn 3 to turn 5 trying to kill it it

    When i type it it seemed to go well enough but when watching it... seemed like a suicide charge by the nids over open ground. [ the plentiful cover didn't help....]

    I read the tyranid tactica which is very useful and would like a idea on how to take my friend Haydyn down

    What should i do for a anti Elder army?

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    Hi james. It seems to me that this thread is in the wrong section. This section is for finished tacticas, posts written to give advice on aspects of the game, rather than seeking advice against a specific opponent. I'm a new member of LO myself so I realise it can be rather confusing but you may be better of posting this in the general hobby section or armies- eldar or tyranids section.
    As for the battle, well, i can say that for nids, cover is your friend. Try to avoid the suicide runs, they're called that for a reason. It's all well and good for a Carnifex to go charging up the middle and the hits to just bounce off it's armour but that isn't going to work for genestealers/raveners/hormies. These are expensive and fragile units, they will only get their points back when they get into combat. To do that, make use of cover. They are all fast so you should have no problem getting behind something solid. When up against eldar anti-grav vehicles that may not always work as they tend to jump straight over it and shoot you in the back. Thats when you have the slower carnifex sitting 6 inches behind them, in the open, but it means the skimmers are not going to stop and shoot at your stealers for example. Its a bit like chess in that regard, covering your weaknesses with other units.
    You have the right idea with the rippers, they are essentially distraction/swamping units. They will rarely get their points back but are pretty survivable and can tie up expensive/shooty units for quite a while. One such unit may well be the war(chicken) walkers you refered to. To say much more people really have to know more about the respective army lists.
    The eldar seem reasonably vehicle heavy, in this regard, rending claws are fantastic. Tyranids don't have a huge variety of anti-tank so i tend to bulk up on these little appendages, even if they are significantly worse in 5th edition than 4th. Otherwise your left with the venom cannon, in both Fex and Tyrant form. Still, i dont like your chances of killing many kitted out falcons with either to be honest. Flyrants, lictors, warriors, fexes and broodlords can all dish out the pain to tanks in combat to name a few.
    Anyways, sorry about the wall of text, I've just been making up some nid lists so i'm kind of over-enthusiastic. Good luck against those pointy eared fairies .

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