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    108 Ways to Play/Win at Warhammer 40K

    Hope you like it!

    108 Ways to Play/Win at Warhammer

    Information by: You know who you are, and I just canít spend all that time personally congratulating all of those who helped out.
    Who put it all together: General Thaddeus (Me)
    Who started the thread: necronmaster1

    1. Winning is fun and all, but only if you and your opponent could enjoy the game thoroughly.

    I believe, correct me if I'm mistaken, that Warhammer was created to have fun with modeling, painting and battling friends. It wasn't created to kick the living snot out of opponents. So, for those of you reading this post that believe kicking the living snot out of an opponent is the objective of warhammer 40k, I'm sorry because you don't belong here. To sum up rule one, have fun... please.

    2. Be sure to agree on all house rules before beginning play.

    Everyone has different ideas on the little stuff (like area terrain vs. "what you see is what you get"); so all players should be clear and agree upon any variation of game play. This will cut down on arguments/controversy. Feel free to use consult a third party or the dice when an agreement cannot be reached.

    3. Don't get frustrated.

    When you get frustrated you are no longer having fun.
    When you get frustrated you lose sight of tactics and objectives.
    When you get frustrated you become cranky and easily angered. It can be way fun to lose, so long as you are with friends.
    Warhammer is a way of spending time with your friends and showing your skills. There is always next time.

    4. Pay attention to objectives.

    Killing the opponentís troops and gaining victory points for it is nice, but keep in mind the official objective of the battle. Completing the objective often gains one a lot of victory points that ultimately could change the outcome of the battle.

    5. Know Thy Movement!

    'Guestimation of Movement'

    Guestimation is a practiced skill that isnít just restricted to the less fluid WH Fantasy system

    If you can 'feel' for distances, you can set yourself in a more favorable position.

    Movement isnít just moving a unit into shooting/assault range, its the estimation of distance on all levels.... learning from the movement phase is the most abstract. From the movement phase stem all other action you wish to perform, be it damage, luring, target matching, and most importantly, misconception to the opponent of your own purposes

    Misconception example... Hormagaunts race up the short board edge turn 1, but instead of assaulting straightforward turn 2, they move/assault towards the middle. If supported by another unit, they could win, and consolidate, again, closer to the center. This leaves the flank to chase you, and waste time.

    Knowing you movement will help you guess what can reach you, and the time it takes for it to get there, and vive versa. Knowing where something could move can help you know where they can direct firepower, or the amounts of firepower they can bring to bare, and visa versa.
    (Note, when I say 'knowing', that means Ďguestimatingí)

    So what if your HQ has a nasty CC weapon, or you have all kinds of nifty guns? They won't do squat if you can't put them to use/bring them in range. Extra movement is one of the biggest tactical advantages there is. Jet bikes, jump-packs, fleet of foot... These will help you bring the fight to your enemy, take objectives, or just get you the hell outta Dodge.

    Warhammer is movement... you donít need to be Mr/Mrs Guess Accurate, but it will help assess where the dice are thrown
    ... And dice win Warhammer

    6. Know thy Enemy.

    Self explanatory really, but let me be really obtuse, and ask lots of rhetorical questions:

    What do your enemy's units do? What are their special rules?
    What special rules will affect your forces?

    Do you understand WBB?
    Do you know what that daemon prince is capable of?
    Is that Daemon prince even LEGAL?

    If you know your enemy and know what they're capable of, then you decrease the chances of being caught with your pants down dramatically. I've seen wyches destroy a player's confidence simply because he didn't know about wych weaponry and their invulnerable in CC.

    If you know your opponent's codex inside out then you know not only what their units are capable of, but also what they're weak against too and you can use that to attack weak points and score maximum damage.

    Additionally. If you know your opponent's rules better than them, then you can catch THEM with their pants down. Psychologically, it's a big blow to be told that you're doing something wrong and illegal - before the match.

    (Note: this may not work against bearded dwarfs on certain forums who are renowned for wondering around without their pants).

    7. Pray to the Dice Gods.

    Fore they are fickle. Be sure to stop by your local church/place or worship and have them blessed. Many a great strategy has been snuffed by neglect of this rule.

    8. No proxying models.

    Yes I know when needs be must but at least try and borrow stuff.
    Nothing worse than playing bases

    9. Paint your army.

    OK, I know this takes a long time, but please, don't just paint a squad of men and say you're done with painting and leave it at that. You will be much more respected if you have a fully painted army, not to mention you'll keep the points that would get deducted in tourneys if your army isn't painted (at least in the hobby shop I play at). Also, your army will look pretty freaking sweet.

    10. Double-check your Army List.

    It only takes 5 minutes to do so and will prevent an illegal list or any discrepancies during the game. The "I know I put that upgrade in there somewhere..." scenario can be avoided and so can being repeatedly accused of cheating.

    11. Be nice.

    Remember to shake hands before and after a game. Be friendly to your opponent and don't do things that can quickly turn a fun game into something else. Such as rubbing it in or taunting your opponent if youíre winning or just giving up or accusing your opponent of cheating if youíre losing.

    If you simply act politely and friendly to your opponent they are more likely to do the same. Remember that although your armies are trying to slaughter each other, you and your opponent aren't. It's just a game so don't get to worked up over it and it should be fun.

    12. When playing team games, don't step on your partner's feet.

    Feel free to step aside before the game starts (or while your opponent is deploying) and plan with your teammate. Staying out of each other's way and figuring out who has the best shooting/assaults can keep the game in your favor.

    Remember, the team that plans ahead most likely slaughters the team that does not.

    13. Stay Focused.

    During the game, make sure you stay focused on the game. Don't lose sight of what you're doing and don't walk away from the board during the game. Even if your opponent is the slowest player in the world, getting distracted and strolling away to do something else will not make it any faster. I've had dozens of little 500-point games take hours because my opponent kept going to talk to other people or to watch other games.

    14: overconfidence = failure.

    Get over confident in your abilities and the capabilities of your army and you may make a really bad tactical error, or find yourself caught off guard by your enemy. This could cost you the game.

    15. Lose with dignity.

    Have fun while you are losing. Never complain that your opponentís army is "cheesy"(even if it might be true). Just learn from your defeat. Tweak your list, adjust your tactics, and on your next encounter administer some retribution. (Hopefully)

    16. Never Give Up.

    Just because the situation looks dire or you are out pointed, the game isn't over. As Rocky Balboa said, "It ain't over till it's over." Be a little more conservative with your men and try to re-think your strategy. Think before you act.

    17. Be kind to the youngbloods.

    Yes, I know they can be annoying.

    Yes, I know they make stupid mistakes.

    Yes, I know they can get in the way.

    But, I also know that I used to be like that once. I think itís important that the veterans look after the neophytes. Give them advice, teach them the basics, but most of all be patient with them. They are the future of our hobby; help get them off to a good start.

    18. Be familiar with your own race.

    Make sure you read your own codex before playing games. It will help you make decisions faster, and your opponent will not have to watch you constantly walking back and forth to your codex and back.

    19. Never put all the eggs in the same basket.

    We know that an Archon with 8 Incubi and a Drachon attached, all riding a Raider will surely stomp most units, but if the Raider is destroyed your slow unit will be shoot and screwed. So, when making a list, try to get all your units balanced in points and try to make all capable of doing different tasks so if your favorite unit is killed the rest of your army can manage the battle well.

    20. Fear thy scatter dice.

    Choose carefully where you place your templates/deep strikers. The very moment the scatter dice are thrown carelessly, your deerstalkers will end up off the board, or your ordinance will fall on your own troops.

    21. Basilisks are less scary than they look.

    Having trouble with that basilisk's indirect fire shooting up your dudes (. since the table is only so big, try to get as many of your guys inside its minimum range as possible, so he can't shoot you without coming out of cover. as soon as he comes out, smash him.

    22. Never Fear Armor.

    Just because the enemy has tanks doesn't mean you're going to lose. If the opponent has tanks that mean that they're probably going to be outnumbered and probably won't be as maneuverable as an infantry army would be. Even though that monolith looks scary, it's not really. Lascannons and Melta-weapons make mince meat of enemy armor.

    23. Bring AP 2.

    Every army list can take units that have a 2+ or 3+ save. If you rely on small arms fire, they can ruin you day. Respond by buying some special weapons with good AP or power weapons, or units with heavy CC weapons or rending.

    24. Specialize.

    Create and equip each unit with an intended target type: light infantry, heavy infantry, or heavy armor. Diversity sounds good but it leads to unfocused units and wasted potential.

    Light infantry: high numbers of attacks/shots and templates. Higher strength guns (6-7) are also effective against light vehicles.

    Heavy Infantry: high strength and low AP guns with multiple shots a round, power weapons, rending, or heavy CC weapons. These guns also serve against light vehicles.

    Heavy Armor: Strength 8+ guns with either long range (36 min) or melta abilities, or units with high strength and/or able to roll multiple armor penetration dice.

    If you really want to be able to handle several types with one unit, buy a power-fisted sergeant unit or anti tank grenades. This may not always be an option.

    25. Department of Redundancy Department.

    Don't rely on one heavy gun unit with four las cannons for all your anti tank needs. Take multiple units that are effective against the same type of target to ensure your battle plan can remain intact after taking casualties.

    26. If youíre CC, get there quick.

    Why spend 4 turns slogging across the board, taking fire along the way, when you can buy a transport and get there in 2? Entanglement rules, forced disembark and the new assault rules make transports less effective or more risky, but itís still better than the alternative. Or, buy some jump pack, infiltrate, cavalry, fleet, or deep strike units for CC. Anything that gets them there faster.

    27. Soften up your enemies before CC.

    Even if you play a Khorne army, lay down some long-range fire to ease the job of your CC troops. This also lowers the chance of your assault squads getting mowed down before they get close. Give target priority to those units capable of stopping your CC advance.

    28. Learn from your mistakes.

    If something didn't work out in the last game, than improve it. Don't always stick to the same plan because it worked wonderfully once.

    29. Make an Army List complimenting your style.

    When you're making a list, make sure you choose units that don't contradict the way you play. For example, if you like to move all over the board, don't take slow models.

    30. Strike Fast And Hard.

    Don't be a pansy by sitting there and just shooting. Get your strongest/ most mobile unit and strike him where it hurts. Exploit his weaknesses and apply pressure. An offensive is how battles are won. Every army can do it, even guard (Armored fist squads, storm troopers.) Be smart about it though, just blindly rushing in means trouble.

    31. Hit in mass.

    Sending a lone unit towards the enemy lines is a good way to get that unit shot up. If you plan to get into assault with the enemy, give him several targets. There's a good chance he won't be able to get all of them.

    32. Buy Sergeants.

    Yeah, they usually cost as much as another troop, but they're worth it. Not only do they usually add leadership to the squad, they can also often buy special equipment, giving a squad some extra firepower or CC deadliness. Some, like Orkish Nobs and Eldar Exarchs, are significantly more dangerous than the troop type they lead.

    33. Use ICs wisely.

    ICs can be very deadly. Most shine in assault with higher initiative, wounds, attacks, weapon skill, leadership, sometimes even strength and toughness, and they can buy a variety of deadly weapons and sturdy armors. However, they can be misused and turn into nothing but wasted potential. These tips can help prevent that.

    First, don't overload them; a 250 pt general is rarely going to be able to make his points back. Also, don't give them power-fist type weapons. Their best advantage in CC is his higher initiative. A power fist wastes this. Give it to a sergeant instead.

    Second, give them an invulnerable save. They can be targeted in assault, which means you're going to get power attacks and high strength hits directed towards him. Be sure you can take those hits.

    Third, don't send him alone. It's bad enough that your IC can be targeted in CC, but if they're more than 6" away from a friendly unit they can be picked out in the firing phase too. Good way to attract lascannons. Put them in a squad and the squad gets much better leadership. Putting ICs near friendly units keeps them safe and still allows freedom of movement, to support whoever needs it.

    34: No Suicide Bomber Units!

    A lot of people send in a unit that they know will get killed doing its job. They say, "Oh, its o.k. that they died, they made their value back..." That great and all, but Victory points are important in 40k, they can often determine a battle. Remember, the more guys you have alive, the less victory points your opponent will get.

    35. Use intimidation.

    If you can get your opponent to think, "How on earth am I going to kill all that" you have an edge all ready. This works well with hordes or models or tanks.

    36. Itís always better to charge than be charged.

    Even if you have things that deny charge attacks (like a Necron Lord's Gaze of Flame), its better to charge and get those bonus attacks, then sit back and only deny theirs.

    37. MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction.

    Never use a squad or tank to get its points back - this is Mutually Assured Destruction - you want everything in your army to kill more than it is worth so that you can be victorious. If you have to lose a squad make sure that you force the enemy to go where you want him to so that you can deliver a killing blow to his forces.

    38. Disrupt the Centre of Gravity.

    Every force will have a centre of gravity - the thing that enables the force to maneuver and attack the enemy effectively. Ascertain what the enemies centre of gravity is and engage it, if you cant engage it then make it useless by not allowing it to influence your army - i.e. if he has a devastator squad make him have to move them due to lack of targets or a lack of targets it can hurt!

    39. Paint me - if I look sexy I will play better.

    Goes without saying a painted model will perform better than an unpainted one.

    40. Read the Manual of War 2006.

    I wrote a Manual of War last year - download it and have a read there are about 101 tactics and ideas in there - with some pretty pictures too! Link is in the Manual of War topic in the tactica thread.

    41. Rolling.

    If you always roll badly, consider the way you roll the die. Do you just drop them from your hand to the board? Remember, give them a good shaking for a good couple of seconds or those ones and twos may just come back again since those dice were facing up, therefore landed facing up. Also, putting a spin on the dice when you throw them helps mix it up equally. If all else fails, get new dice (Sparkly Purple ones!).

    42. Don't be afraid to question your opponent.

    If something your opponent is doing doesn't seem right, point it out. Don't be intimidated because they've been playing way longer than you. Sometimes even veteran players make mistakes, and even if you were wrong, you just learned something.

    43. Try out everything in your codex.

    More then once before you decide itís not right for you.
    If it fails the first time that doesnít mean it sucks. Same thing can be said of those that work. Till you can get a grasp of how a unit works donít' be so quick to judge.

    44. Don't just rely on guns.

    If your army is mostly shooty and/or weak in CC, allocate a few points in something that can at least tie up your opponent's attempts to CC/tie up your guns.

    45. Strike first blood.

    Especially when it comes to assaulting, the extra 1 attack per model can do a lot more damage.

    46. Be Honest.

    Be a fair and honest player at ALL times during the game. If your opponent has a rule/set of rules he/she forgot about that YOU know, don't hesitate to let them know. Don't let them think they don't get invulnerable or cover saves against rending. Don't let them forget when and in what situations they would get cover saves.

    Ex. your opponent has a rule making you -2 leadership if in B2B and charges you. If he forgets about the -2 and only charges the -1, and you're AWARE of his mistake. Don't feel wrong/bad in correcting him.

    Omitting is just as bad as lying/cheating. Just because an unlawful situation is presented for the taking, doesn't mean you have to take it.

    47. Combo your units.

    Use units that complement each other. Remember, a Jump Chaplain is useless without an assault squad. (I've seen someone try to run a Jump Chaps solo.)

    48. Never clump your units together.

    Unless you're short on space, never put your models in base-to-base contact with each other (except if you have to for Close Order Drill for example). This will only make it easier to kill them by large blast weapons. Nothing is worse than seeing the whole squad wiped out by a single leman Russ shot. However, clumping units can be used as a strategy. Clump "decoy" units together to trick the enemy into thinking its an easy kill and being impulsive and shooting it.

    49. Crew Shaken is okay.

    Since Imperial Guard was my enemy most of the time, I have learned that crew shaken is an okay result. Instead of looking at it as a failure to get a better roll, look at the situation, as a turn the opponent's not getting a chance to fire that turn. This is very handy especially against devastating armor such as leman Russ' and other heavy tanks. Crew stunned is even better, especially since they can't move that turn unless they have extra armor.

    50. Avoid point sinks.

    Evaluate whether a unit is really worth its points, at least when it comes to your style of play. Is that MC going to accomplish as much as one of your troop units? Or is it okay to invest 2 squads worth of points into an Independent Character that will not be scoring? Also, if you're playing for victory points, your opponent will get half points if the IC takes a single wound, instead of having to score multiple wounds on a squad.

    51. Hug Cover.

    This is rule number one for armies like tyranids, dark eldar, some orks armies, some guard armies, some tau armies... most armies. In most situations you will find that it is advantageous to either be in cover to grant a cover save (and make you strike first if you are charged) or to be near or behind cover to avoid being in line of sight of the enemy so you can get where you need to be in one piece. I can't stress enough how important this is.

    52. Together we stand, divided we fall.

    Another highly important thing to remember is do not spread your troops out too far, having them thinly spread across the whole battlefield is often far worse than having a strong concentration in one or 2 given areas. Having your troops together means they can support each other when needed and it means you can use bottleneck tactics and such, use combats to block line of sight. Having your units together often means you can use 2 units to defeat the opponent's one. A smart player will learn never to fight fairly, always use fights stacked in your favor... but maybe thatís just my dark eldar side talking...

    53. Play against a man, not the numbers.

    It is essential to know all the numbers, advantages and disadvantages of each unit on the table, but that is just learning the basics. As every army is play tested and balanced to some extent, you can win with any given army against all others if you play against the opponent, and not just crunch numbers. Thus after all is said and done; you must play against the man on other side of the table. What kind of tactics will he use? This can be found by looking at his force. Does he deep strike, infiltrate or rely heavily on CC? What about units? Does he have a super-unit? Does he protect one unit above rest? Does he move some unit first every turn? Watch as he plays, learn how he plays and make use of his blind spots. High-cost units he has, lovingly painted are probably worth more to him than he even realizes, threaten those and watch him try to protect them. Play inside his head, see the table as he sees it, and use his personality against him. Play against the man, not the numbers.

    54. Always deploy second.

    When you have choice of deployment, let your opponent go first. Why would you let him deploy based on yours? Getting to see where your opponent places units first is always an advantage.

    55. Be wary of "stupid" plays.

    Don't take every mistake your opponent seems to make for granted. Try to carefully analyze it to the best of your abilities, and make sure you aren't playing into their hands by jumping on it. Sometimes they may just be honest-to-goodness mistakes or oversights; but they can also be planned. To bring a hidden threat to the surface if the opponent is too impulsive.

    56. Donít be afraid of your opponent.

    Do not be afraid of your opponent
    A lot of people at my club are the best in NZ and often better than any one of us.
    Ref Peter Dunn, Alan Borthwick, the list goes on.
    A lot of players when facing somebody they know is the best in the country will freak out and play badly. Remember, every opponent you play is human and will make mistakes.
    When you are playing 40k, you are moving bits of plastic around a table; there is no need to be afraid. Just get out there, play a good game and give hell!!!

    57. Play the numbers. Period.

    Don't expect models or units to accomplish things that are statistically improbable. You may really like your Chaplain. He may be a real badass, both in modeling and in his typical performance on the table. Never the less, sending him against a Carnifex one on one is a bad idea. He could kill the Carnifex by himself--it's possible--but in the vast, vast majority of instances, he won't. He'll just die, and you'll waste points that could have accomplished something more worthwhile elsewhere.

    Sometimes last ditch efforts are necessary--Killing that Leman Russ with your last missile launcher might definitely be the difference between winning and losing, and in such cases taking such improbably shots can be correct.

    In general, though, don't jeopardize your units by trying to get them to do something that they aren't likely to accomplish. Numbers are your friends. They tell you what you should or should not expect from certain situations better than any amount of actual experience ever could. Ignoring information that powerful is done at one's own peril.

    58. Compromise.

    If you donít let that 1/5 of a base sticking out from under a ordinance template count as a full hit then your opponent isnít gonna let that 6 semi leaning on a piece of terrain count either.... you get what you give.

    59. Do the unexpected.

    If you do things that you opponent had not thought of it can really shake them up.
    Go backwards
    Drive through walls
    Take assault terminators
    (Short story to prove point)
    Squads of 8 assault terminators with lighting claws and Furious charge, with grimaldus.
    When I put them down on the table, my opponent asks why I bother with them, as they are over priced, and not that powerful. He play-tested BT so he thought he knew it all, hence his lack of fear. One unit of mounted-daemonettes, 10 terminators, a unit of plague bearers, the remainder of his chosen command squad and a unit of daemonettes later, and to this current day, has a fear of terminators with lighting claws.
    The point, my opponent did not expect to face them, he did not know what to do, and he lost most of his army because of this and has lost a few nights sleep as well.
    Humans think in patterns, break the pattern, break the process in their brain, and leave them a confused mess as you go about killing every thing

    60. Bring plenty of AP and power weapons.

    Anything that denies enemy armor saves is your friend. Enough said.

    61. The order in which things die.

    First thing to go:
    Your plan.

    The second to go
    Your luck.

    Everything from that point onwards is about how can make do with what you got left. I.e. your Brain, attitude and skill of the game

    Exception, when you have something new and shinny, then that will go first in one mother of a fireball.

    62. Upgrade with caution.

    Giving upgrades to your army is good only if used correctly, too many upgrades will cost too many points, which will take away from your overall army size. Also, make sure that when you choose to upgrade, it is needed, in some cases upgrades can be useless and a waste of points, especially when playing expensive armies like space marines.

    63. If itís too hard to kill, IGNORE IT IF POSSIBLE.

    Nothing sucks more when you pour a lot of your shooting phase and bodies from assault into a unit that refuses to die (falcon with upgrades is a good example). You're better of killing the rest of his army, and poof suddenly that umber unit doesnít seem so scary without its support (if your tailored for tough units try your luck)

    64. Check your FAQs.

    There are lots of nice little tidbits in your army's FAQ. Also points out little rules you might have missed.

    65. If your meltaís in range, so is his!


    66. Don't underestimate your opponent's mobility.

    Just because your devastators are sitting there snug at the back of the board does NOT mean they are safe, a nasty speed freaks or dark eldar player WILL get the jump on you if you aren't careful, you'll think "he's at the other side of the board so I have at least 2-3 turns to shoot him" Wrong! He'll be at you in 1 turn and you'll never know what hit you. Too many times have I seen someone casually move their troops forwards 6" only to put themselves in range of the opponents mounted squads, and this doesn't go for just enemy CC armies, nobody wants to get rapid fired by a squad of fish of fury fire warriors either. Always know your enemy and what he is capable of, know how far his transports move and how far he charges, if they are fleet and all that stuff.

    67. Don't underestimate your opponent's guns.

    Don't let your CC rush get whittled down. Even if you have insane mobility and can get to the enemy on the first or second turn, utilize cover and blocked line of sight so that when you do get in your opponent's face, you'll be hitting them full force.

    68. Play above your Level!!

    All ways strive to play a better player. After youíre done and congratulate them, pick his/her brain. Ask them strait out what you did wrong/right and how they would have responded. Ask them to look over your list and take what they have to say to heart.

    Enjoy your victories, but:

    Learn from your mistakes

    69. Deployment matters.

    I don't mean this in just the context of "deploy second" but I mean that everything about the game will in some way or shape be influenced by how you and your opponents deploy. Make sure you know what part of his forces you want to face off against. Take advantage of cover when setting up, if you're counting on first turn, you aren't getting it. The game is dictated, in many ways, by what and how you set up, never forget that.

    70. Think ahead.

    Ok, so now you're set up in a great position, don't think about what you want to happen that turn. Think about where you want the game to be on turn 3. From there you plan out how to make that happen. You want to have everything in the middle in CC? Ok, well now you have a goal, make it so. If you don't know where you want the game to go you're just flying by the seat of your pants, your opponent is in control of the game and bad things are likely to happen to your troops

    71. Don't be afraid to adapt.

    Oh god... how did that happen? I'm sure you've all had that moment at least once a game. What you do next can change "Oh God I'm screwed" to "Oh God, it's so good". So your genestealers got blown away instead of your bait fex, oh... wait now that monstrosity gets to hit close combat at full strength. Eventually your vision of what's going to happen on turn 3 will be disrupted in some way or another. However, so long as you still have that vision (and it should be a general thing) you can still move forward. You should have a general plan, not a specific one, and as long as you give yourself flexibility in how to reach a goal, you can always find a way to turn Oh god into Oh god :shifty:.

    72. Base-to-Base contact is imperative.

    In close combat, if a unit has no enemies in base contact, it cannot attack. This includes, and is most important in reference to, Independent Characters. If you can remove casualties from enemy models that haven't gotten to attack yet, due to lower Initiative, they will lose their opportunity to attack. Always remember to get your ICs in Base-to-Base contact, or they will not get their attacks.

    73. Anything that bypasses a roll is one step ahead of every other weapon in determining what's good.

    This doesn't apply to just Power Weapons, but to any weapon that bypasses a roll at all or always wounds/hits on a set value. Weapons that auto-hit, auto-wound, or ignore armor saves may be rare in 40K but when you see them, don't discount them. Even the lowly flamer, for an extremely low price, produces more Boltgun shots than a regular Bolter. Especially if that Flamer also happens to ignore armor saves. Now, finding a good unit to place it on is another question altogether...

    74. Learn what weight of fire really means.

    Many people will tell you that enough firepower concentrated on one unit will destroy it. However, it's important to understand that this kind of tactic is situational depending on what weapons you have and what kind of target you've picked for yourself. 30 Avenger Shuriken Catapult shots might be enough to bring down half a unit of Necron Warriors but it won't do squat to a Carnifex with Extended Carapace. Besides which, weight of fire implies that you have a lot of it. A LOT.

    75. Divide and conquer.

    Pretty self-explanatory. Exploit isolated units. Cut off enemy support. Watch them crumble.

    76. Be in the mood to play.

    Mood dictates human choice and a good mood will usually lead to good choices, and its not much good when you simply have to finish a tournament when you didn't really want to enter in the first place. In other words don't suffer the event, if you truly don't feel like it then resign, pack up and go home.

    77. Donít rely on one awesome unit to win a game for you.

    It only takes one lucky shot and that prized land raiders about as useful as bolters against a wraithlord.

    78. Just because it didn't work in your favor, that doesn't mean itís broken or cheap.

    Don't claim that a rule/codex/army/unit is broken just because you lost. Most likely you are not some kind of GW insider, so please don't act like it. And remember, no matter how long you've been playing; even a newbie can prove you wrong.

    79. Be clean.

    If you go to play in a public place, like a GW store or your local hobby shop, please be courteous to the other players' olfactory senses. A little soap/deodorant can go a long way. After all, who's gonna want to play you if they have to smell you?
    (Usually some people don't realize they're smelly, and nobody says anything because they don't want to be mean.)
    So what if your HQ has a nasty CC weapon, or you have all kinds of nifty guns? They won't do squat if you can't put them to use/bring them in range. Extra movement is one of the biggest tactical advantages there is. Jet bikes, jump-packs, fleet of foot... These will help you bring the fight to your enemy, take objectives, or just get you the hell outta Dodge.

    80. Make one army list.

    You should only make one army list to combat any other army out theirs. Never make a army list based off what you opponent is playing for they might do things differently. Once you have this well-rounded list then you should try tweaking it after most games you play. As an added bonus the longer you play a particular list the better and more confident you get with it allowing you to make better tactics.

    81. Stick with one army.

    They say practice makes perfect, but who is stronger a person who studies every martial art for 100 days or the one who studies a single marital art for a 100 days? It applies to Warhammer.

    82. Aim to reduce/eliminate your opponents scoring units.

    If you get ALL your opponents squads below 50% not only does he only get no points for any of his squads their effectiveness is reduced. Then, focus on completely eliminating units one after another (which will be easy if theyíre all at 50% or lower) in a systematic fashion.

    For example, a Dakkafex with one wound left is just as dangerous as one that has full health. There is a major difference between 4 Guardsmen remaining in a squad and 0 remaining. An Immobilized Hammerhead can still, in fact, fire its railgun at you. This has not been said yet, and I don't know why. All of the above examples have happened in games I've watched or played in, and all of them decided the game.

    83. Know what you want a unit to do.

    This counts for every step, writing a list, deployment, etc. If you have a squad with heavy weapons that won't move much there is little point in getting a sergeant with a power weapon. In deployment have in mind where you want that squad to go if your tank hunting squad is placed where it can only shoot at grots or your average Joe guardsmen they can't do their job very well.

    84. 40K is a battle between opposing players, not opposing codexes.

    A fellow player once told me,Ē I don't play Grey Knights to win." Funny: if he had not tried to deep strike almost everything, I would not have been able to divide and conquer. Not to mention that he forgot to use powers like Holocaust. But of course victory had nothing to do with my decent playing versus his poor playing, according to his above-mentioned statement.

    There's always a chance to win, just engage your brain a little bit.

    85. Be mindful of your flanks and look to flank your enemy.

    Considering that the most common deployment is a massive line, getting flanked can hurt massively for both you and your opponent. Guns can now shoot at any unit in the line, close combat units can bounce from unit to unit if they are too close, and it can be psychologically devastating to have even a small force work it's way through your flank.

    86. Never try to beat an army at something it excels at, and to your strengths.

    You're wasting your time, your men, and giving your opponent everything they could ever want. Don't try to out-assault that all-beserker Khorne army; it won't work for you. Don't charge the Carnifex with your regular marines; it's a waste of your men. If an army is good at close combat, look to shoot them to death before they can close. If an army is good at shooting, look to assault them as quickly and safely as possible.

    No war (or game) was ever won by not playing to your strengths and making your enemy not perform to yours. If you are a shooty army make sure that your units have mutual support and have an assault unit in your second line floating where you may be vulnerable to assault. The reverse is true for an assault army; DON'T just rush towards the nearest enemy. Have some covering fire that may isolate your assault target from the rest of your opponentís army

    87. Read the rulebook/codex for yourself, and keep checking when in doubt.

    Never rely on your friends to tell you the rules. Also, when in doubt, check the rules! Case in point: team battle, my templars and a friend's witch hunters against two tyranid armies, one of which was warrior heavy. Friend had a Culexes. The tyranid players forgot that synapse counts as psyker. Cue two rounds of utter havoc as the culexes rips apart a dakkafex and a genestealer brood.

    88: Don't Rush.

    Pause before going to each phase (movement to shooting to combat)
    Spend a little time making sure you did everything you needed to do before moving on
    Ex. I was playing a Tau army (I play tyranids) and I had surrounded his devilfish filled with fire warriors with two squads of genestealers and a shooty carnifex. There was a confusion/disscussion about the rules after I moved my guys and instead of shooting the devilfish-which would have reduced it to a steaming pile of ashes-I assaulted it. Because its a skimmer and had moved a significant distance in his turn, I could only hit on 6s and consequently didn't even scratch it.
    Errors such as these can make of break a game. Take time to think.

    89. Watch Lanes of Fire.

    Overlapping lines of fire for yourself and blocking that of your enemy are paramount. Remember that most vehicles have side hatches to embark and disembark from as well; a mobile vehicle is a perfectly legitimate piece of terrain. If your enemy is wanting to get into combat with one of your units make sure he has to walk through your guns to get there.

    90. Everything Counts in Large Amounts.

    Adrian Wood said it in the first Bat Rep for 3rd Ed (if I remember correctly). True, he was talking about orcs at the time, but it holds for everything. A 10-man assault squad will usually perform better than a 5 man one, if only because of the fact that it has more bodies to kill. 10 Dire Avengers are more effective at shooting than 5. 5 Bikes are better than 3 if you are basing your plan around them. There is a big difference between 110 Guardsmen with lasguns than 50 odd...

    This adage is especially true in shooting. There is no point in taking a model or two off every unit. Concentrate your guns and completely destroy or hinder a single unit before moving on to another. By hinder I mean remove it's ability to be effective next turn. E.g. a stunned tank or immobilized transport has it's ability to be effective removed for a turn, allowing you to focus your fire on something else that is more threatening.

    91. When moving through open terrain, its best to just do it and get it over with.

    A round of dashing across a perceived crossfire might actually be healthier then twittering around for three rounds, letting him clean up distractions, reposition himself, and then plastering you to the wall. Units caught in the open will very quickly become casualties. Even Ďard units like Terminators.

    92. Have a referee in larger games.

    It can get confusing, and people often interpret GW rules differently. Arguments about rules suck, and ruin the aim of the game- good old-fashioned fun.

    93. convert/fluff your army.

    Win, lose or draw- if you enjoy your army, you're bound to have fun.

    94. No secret dice-rolls.

    Make sure your opponent knows what youíre rolling for and why.
    Show your opponent the results before continuing.

    95. Speed-rolling is generally bad.

    Not only does this leave your opponent out of the loop, it also increases the risk of unintentional cheating.
    (Nobody likes a guy who rolls a die that hasnít even stopped yet)

    96. Bring colors!

    Have different colored/sized dice to represent stuff.
    Not only does this speed things up, it also helps keep confusion to a minimum.

    97. You're using an Army, not a dozen units.

    This is important. No matter how good each individual unit is, no matter how well they do their jobs, the person who knows about mutual support will tend to do far better than the one who does not.

    98. Leave multiple options open whenever possible.

    If you have a squad of shooty warriors and you are going to move and run to get into position, make sure that you end up threatening more than one thing. Opponents can react and negate to single axes of threat. NOBODY can effectively negate three or more per unit.

    99. Attempt the unconventional, on occasion.

    Have you ever seen a Tau army fielding ten Crisis suits? Both HQs and all 3 Elites were made up of 2-man squads, configured in a variety of ways and all jumping around constantly, confusing his opponent. Gimmick armies are fun, but take the lessons home whenever you do something just for fun. If it works there, it just might just have application to more serious games

    100. Never Blame Luck.

    I have played quite a few games and watched countless more, and I can count on my two hands the number of times that pure luck was the main determining factor of the day. Good players will account for statistics and give a wide margin of error to the dice gods, and in nearly every case the one who is better prepared and with the better tactics and listing will pull out the victory.

    This is not to say that luck is not a part of the game, far from it. However, like any other "luck-based" game, the consistent winners are the ones who can mostly negate the effect that luck has on their games.

    101. Use Your Points.

    When making an army list, there are many ways to waste points. The worse of these is to simply leave them unused. If, once you finish your list, you have more than about 5 points left unspent (varies from army to army, but that's a good number to start with), check again and see if there's some place you can drop them. Remember, if you start with a list that's 15 points less than your opponent, you voluntarily give yourself a 15-point handicap.

    102. Use units you like.

    Everyone has seen armies and army lists where the owner has thrown in an off-the-wall unit that doesn't fit the theme of their army; because they had 50 or so points left and didn't know what to do. Instead of making a commitment to a unit you don't know how to use or don't want to use, look for areas in your list or army that you can thin down or that might have more than they need. Add those cuts to your last 50 points, and you can end up with a unit you genuinely like to use.

    I promise you'll play better with less of the units you like than more of the units you don't.

    103. Units can fulfill surprising new roles once they have done their job.

    Think your Rhino is just a platform for a storm bolter once the squad it was carrying was out and about? Wrong. Use it to block off a narrow passage, or drive it right smack in front of some of their CC heavies. Even if your opponent takes it out next round, that's still one unit that wasted it's turn blowing up a freaking empty Rhino instead of shooting at your unengaged command squad. Same goes for those last 4 straggling guardsmen. I've won my last two games vs. Orks using the "Rhino Roadblock" technique.

    104. Don't be left on the back-foot.

    Instead of thinking what's the biggest threat to me now, think what's the biggest threat at the end of the game. If you've got ranged unit free against some charging orks maybe take a few shots at the minimal sized grot squad sitting on that objective over there. Then the ork player would need a replacement objective taking unit, and all his units are already near your deployment zone.

    105. In 40k, Quality = Quantity most of the time.

    Remember that massed firepower is just as good as amazing firepower on most occasions; it's mostly up to the dice to see which of the two win over.


    In simple terms Strategy is where you want to be, Tactics is how you get there.

    Always be sure that no matter what your tactics are it is helping your strategy.

    By way of example I recently played a Marine vs. Guard game.

    My strategy was to hold two objectives and contest the third.

    My tactics were such that by the end of the game I had lost nearly every unit. Nearly was good enough and I won the game by two objective points to zero (and came close to holding the third as well).


    Changing your strategy half way through a game often leads to disaster but this doesn't mean that you can't treat every individual turn like a little battle where you try and put your troops in the best possible position and kill as much as possible.... but watch that Strategy!

    108. Talk to your opponent afterwards.

    After the game, win or lose, ask your opponent about what he was trying to do at critical points in the game. While he/she might not give you his/her whole plan, you might learn more about how another army is played by someone who actually plays them. Also, there could've been times when your opponent didn't plan for one of your moves or was surprised at a tactic you used. Use that to your advantage in your next game by using unpredictable (yet deviously lethal) tactics.

    Last edited by General Thaddeus; March 1st, 2009 at 07:06. Reason: Typos
    On Warseer: Iracundus: "So you might end up with "renegade" Chapters, but more split due to ideology rather than because the big bogeyman of Chaos suddenly makes them all cackling mustache twirling villains."

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    22. Never Fear Armor.[/B]

    Just because the enemy has tanks doesn't mean you're going to lose. If the opponent has tanks that mean that they're probably going to be outnumbered and probably won't be as maneuverable as an infantry army would be. Even though that monolith looks scary, it's not really. Lascannons and Melta-weapons make mince meat of enemy armor.

    Sorry but i can't agree with you more on this point:
    THE MONOLITH IS NOT THE BEST THING IN THE GAME!!! Im saying this because every time i sit down at a game my opponent looks at my monolith and goes wobbly in the knees, it works like this: The best unit in the game is any type of terminator in large numbers. The monolith has basically the same firepower as a basalisk at much less range and most of the time it wont be using it as it will be trying to keep its friends alive! Do not fear it. Although it is technically the hardest to kill vehicle in the game, its just as succeptable to a lascannon as a landraider. And when you shoot marines a land raider doesn't phase out. The monolith isn't scary, just ignore it and go for the warriors. Im pointing this out because so many people have lost games because they got scared of a monolith.

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    22. Never Fear Armor.

    probably won't be as maneuverable as an infantry army would be.
    Have you played Eldar?

    ~ L

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    Quote Originally Posted by dream thief View Post
    have you played eldar? :d

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    Wow, I remember seeing this when it was under development. I'll be sure to spread it to my friends hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Spamalot View Post
    Living up to your name there, sir.

    ~ L

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    stop it.

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    Good food for thought, I'll have to forward it round my lot.
    My Deathwatch Campaign
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    Ok. I'll stop it.

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