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    Battlefield Superiority Utilizing Drop Pods

    A few notes before beginning this.

    1. Some will call this listhammer, because the tactic assumes your opponent is a firing line. I don't care, as the strategy can be adapted using the same list to fight balanced or assault heavy armies.

    2. This tactica also assumes that you are using space marines. If you aren't then use this topic to discuss counter strategy

    When fighting firing line opponents, it becomes necessary to address the issue of battlefield or firing lane dominance. Obviously, opponents who rely on range and firepower to destroy your army cannot do so in close combat.

    Therefore, denying your opponent that option significantly limits their effectiveness.

    There are two ways to use drop pods to deny your opponent their advantages.

    The first is to utilize the physical bulk of a drop pod to block firing lanes to key objectives. This will necessitate the movement of the carefully deployed firing line.

    The second is by delivering truly devastating payloads to the enemy firing line.
    Arguably, the deadliest payload is a squad of the emperor's finest.

    Assault squads on foot are the cheapest option available, followed by vanguards and command squads.

    Proximity to the enemy is very important for this to work. Even a single round of shooting from the entirety of a firing line will only gain you a single turn's reprieve from the enemy army.

    Therefore it is important to stay out of sight, but to keep them within reach. Nightfight can make this tactic easier to accomplish.

    This tactic allows you to engage and cut off the opposing army's greatest strength, and allows your minimum cost scoring units to advance and hold objectives.


    Expect your opponent to have counter assault units. Avoid them, your goal is the firing line and it's disruption.

    For every drop pod you want to use to disrupt the enemy, you must also have another drop pod that will arrive sometime later. Use these with assault units in places they will be able to contribute.

    In the tactica I mentioned minimum scoring units. Instead, tool them to deal with what could break away and count as scoring for your opponent.

    Expect and be ready for your initial wave to die, keep your scoring units out of line of sight.

    Edited for Spelling and completing last line.

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