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Thread: Biovore Tactica

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    Biovore Tactica

    Biovore tactica
    Biovores are a very under represented unit but if you think about it logically they are very good at what they do. I think they are a great unit when used properly.
    In this tactica I will show you their weaknesses and strengths and hopefully give you an insight on how to use them properly.
    Weaknesses: biovores are very frail unit that can be taken out very easily.
    Strengths: they are a great anti infantry unit because their guns will pulp hoard armies, low cost
    Tactics: most players when using artillery keep them at the very back of their army miles away from the closest friendly unit, however this is not the best thing to do with biovores. Since their cannons are assault weaponry they can keep up with the rest of the swarm with great ease. There are numerous advantages. First there is that if your opponent has any heavy support infantry that would normally be outside your range you could quickly reduce them to pulp. Secondly you would benefit from a 4+ cover save because your opponent would have to shoot through the rest of your army, who knows they might not even a line of sight. Then thirdly you would be protected from close combat by the rest of your army because tyrannids hardly ever manage to lose a close combat with units such as genestealers.
    With biovores you have several tactics when it comes to shooting. First with multiple biovores you can pump out an incredible amount of shots. This means that if you take a very deadly unit which is also quite frail, eg. Zoanthropes in a mycetic spore you can blow away the infantry that would normally kill the zoanthropes. Second is that in an objectives mission you can blow basically all infantry scoring units holding objectives which might just give your army the winning edge to the game.

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    This would benefit from some spacing and grammar corrections. I'd also give specific examples about what to use Biovores against. What does a Biovore bring to the table that the other Heavy Support doesn't? What targets are they suited for?

    I liked the idea of moving them up with your army. I don't feel this is an every game move, some armies you'd want to keep them lobbing and not being shot up, against IG for example. Even a cover save won't help against Heavy Flamers and other template weapons that can be thrown out but it is situationally useful. The Zoanthrope combo is also good, Zoans have a real problem with suiciding, they need support and an army can't always get across the board in time to give it.

    Use more specific examples and perhaps some MathHammer and this will be a good article.
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    It might also be useful to do a little bit of number crunching to make this tactica a bit more comprehensive. At the moment it just seems a little opinion based with no real proof. Maybe compare the unit to a similar unit to show off its strengths i.e. the value for points you have claimed.
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