If there is anything else I can teach you from reading this article it is how amazing Wyches are in close combat. Since Dark Eldar love to get in close, this makes Wyches a must have for many Dark Eldar armies. This article is devoted to the competitive players. The ideas that I will talk about are going to be the best for tournament play so keep that in mind as you read.

True to the Dark Eldar form Wyches love there close combat weapons such as there close combat weapon and there pistol. The splinter pistol like most Dark Eldar ranged weapons is a poison weapon and even though poison weapons are amazing you will find that pistols are really only helpful when combined with the close combat weapon to gain the extra attack in an assault. Pistols are great but too often a player can find themselves shooting off their pistols and killing too many of the enemy which may cause the Wyches to fail their charge in the Assault Phase. This must never happen. Wyches can never fail to assault, for if they do they will probably be dead before they get another chance to assault. The reason Wyches will die if they do not assault is because of there paper armor or what they call wychsuits. The two great things Wyches have are combat drugs and plasma grenades. It really does not matter what you roll for combat drugs because almost every effect is amazing. While it is true that some effects help more against certain armies and units, in the long run you are gaining a fairly good upgrade that makes your Wyches just that much better. Sticking with their close combat nature Wyches are also equipped with plasma grenades which help you assault into or through cover. Since Wyches have such a high initiative, this means that they will more than likely be attacking first. The one good way to counter would be to hide in cover and force the Wyches to attack into cover. It is for this reason that plasma grenades are an amazing for these dangerous troops.

Special Rules
First and probably most important to the Wyches is that they have fleet. Since Wyches want to get into assault so bad, fleet helps them run and get closer, so that they can assault in the Assault Phase. You have heard me over an over explain that you want your Wyches to assault, well here is why. Wyches have Dodge(+4). This means that in assault only, Wyches have a +4 invulnerable save. This makes Wyches an amazing unit, that laugh in the face, of those Terminators with all their power weapons or any other power weapon heavy unit. It is for this reason that Wyches have become the tar-pit unit of the Dark Eldar. One special rule that is not as amazing for Wyches is the Power from Pain ability. While this ability is amazing, on other units. On Wyches about all you need is Feel No Pain. There are cases where Power from Pain can be amazing on Wyches such as when you gain an attack with the drugs or you gain a strength. When the Wyches kill a unit or two depending on how you set it up, the Wyches gain Furious Charge. With the extra attacks or the extra strength this can make Wyches more offensive, however, you have to be careful when doing this. If Wyches become too offensive they can kill an enemy unit which leaves them out in the open to get shot up. Wyches also have such an high initiative which makes half of the Furious Charge bonus worthless. The amount of times Wyches will come up against a unit that has a higher initiative is so low that it is not a solid enough reason to try and push for that second pain token. Pretty much the only bonus Wyches would get is the extra one strength.
Wyches are comparable to Plague Marines, only they can do much better against power weapon units which are the bane of Plague Marines. Wyches are just too good locking death star units in combat for a lot of the game. This gives the rest of your army an easy time of destroying off other weaker units such as the enemies troops, great for when you are playing an objective game.

Unit Options
There are a few unit options that can be paid for to make your Wyches better. I have to say I am a complete fan boy of shardnets and impalers. It is not that there are not times you could some other unit options, such as razorflails and/or blast pistol for your Hekatrix but really the main option I am going to suggest is the shardnets and impalers. Wyches are so great in close combat, as I have been saying in this article but guess what, it gets better. A Wych unit can take shardnets and impalers. These amazing items can take away a few attacks from your enemy unit in assault. If you are running a ten man squad with two sets of these then you have pretty much created the greatest tar-pit combination that you can have. Any enemy unit trying to solo assault this unit will most likely fail as long as you have shardnets and impalers. Since you can only have one model with sharnets and impalers for every five models in your unit, I am going to suggest that you always run Wyches in units of ten. This is for all intensive purposes the magic number for the Wych unit. Running a Wych unit with five models is also possible since you can have at least one shardnet and impaler but since you are trying to stale the enemy, five models just will not do. Ten models is all a Raider can take and it also gives you two shardnets and impalers. This combination makes any Wych unit, a unit that can stall most units in one verse one, for at least two turns if not more and if your Wyches do not kill the enemy unit. A Hekatrix can be useful in this unit. I would recommend giving the Hekatrix an Agoniser. This is the most expensive upgrade for the Hekatrix but it really is the best upgrade if you are going to run a Hekatrix. Since it always wounds on a +4 this makes the toughness on the enemy unit something that your Hekatrix does not care about. Also this is a power weapon making it really easy for you to cause a wound. Now, I have been going off on how Wyches are great as a tar-pit unit, so why do I want to give this unit an amazing power weapon. Since Wyches will be going after death star units they will probably be going up against units with amazing armor or invulnerable saves. You will want your Wyches to be causing some wounds so that you do not lose the assault but not so many that you crush the enemy unit. I must give a little of this article to the ever possible blast pistol. This addition to a Hekatrix is sometime worth wild. Using both of your strength eight weapons (blast pistol and dark lance on your Raider which you should be taking as your dedicated transport) gives you a fairly good chance of breaking armor on your enemy. After which you can assault with your Wyches. This is the only other load out I would give your Wyches, besides shardnets and impalers. I feel that running anything besides these two combinations is just wasting points.

You will probably be using a Raider to transport this amazing unit. When you are moving the Raider, the 12” so that your Wyches can get out and assault, make sure you position your Raider so that it blocks line of sight for one if not more of the enemy units that might want to shoot your Wyches, if they crush the enemy unit too quickly. Since you are only moving 12” with the Raider you are going to want to use the Raider's dark lance or disintegrator cannon. I have seen many games where the Dark Eldar player used his Raider to bring up the Wyches so that they could assault that turn, however, they never use the gun that is on the Raider. Since you are probably using a Raider to transport the Wyches, please do not get retrofire-jets for the Raider. Deep striking a Raider with Wyches embarked is a big no no. Even with Night shields and Flickerfield, I would never recommend this strategy. When the Raider deep strikes, the Wyches inside are not able to assault that turn. If the enemy is smart they will pop your paper Raider and then have free rain on your Wyches with their paper armor. This usually leads to a unit of dead Wyches which is just a bunch of points down the drain.