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    Orks vs Space Wolves - 1650 points

    Sorry if this isn't the right forum area but anyways.

    I need help playing Orks against Space Wolves in a 1650 point game.

    The army i use is.

    Ghazskull Thraka
    Big Mek (Shokk Attack Gun)
    24 slugga boy squad (2 Rokkit Launchas, Nob with PK and BP)
    16 slugga boy squad (1 Rokkit Launcha, Nob with PK and BP)
    13 shotta boy squad (1 Big Shotta, Nob with BC and BP)
    7 Nobz (8 with painboy) (6 BC's, 1 PK, 1 Painboy)
    5 Burna Boyz (3 Flamers, 1 Rokkit launcha, 1 kustom mega blasta)
    3 Deffkoptas (3 Twin-linked Rokkit launchas, 3 buzzsaw, 3 bigbomm)
    3 Bikers (1 BC)
    5 Kommandos (1 PK)
    2 Trukks (1 with full upgrades and 1 with nothing)
    (Burnaz in Trukk with no upgrades, Ghazskull with Nobz squad in Trukk with full upgrades)

    Total: About 1650

    P.S: (Ill be getting Black Reach very soon which will give me another 20 boyz, 3 deffkoptas, 5 Nobz, and a Warboss, and some Space Marines to work up my small SM force )

    My Brothers Space Wolves army is (He's got like 6k points worth of models, but this is what he typically use's)

    Kanis Wolfborn
    10 Grey Hunters (Flamer & Plasma Gun, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol)
    10 Grey Hunters (2 Plasma Guns, Power Fist)
    15 Blood Claws (Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Lukas the Trickster)
    6 Long Fangs (Plasma Cannon, Multi-Melta, Missle Launchers, 2 Heavy Bolters, Plasma Pistol & Power Weapon)
    Land Raider Crusader (Multi-Melta)
    Vindicator (Siege Shield, Dozer Blade)
    2 Rhino's
    Razorback (Twin-linked Lascannon)
    (Both Grey Hunter Squads will be in both Rhino's, Long fangs inside Razorback, and Blood Claws + Lukas in the Land Raider)

    I just need a really good tactic at defeating this army in a 'slog fest', i usually win iat objective games beacuse i am more tatical when it comes to things like that, but just a good old 'I'll kill u, before u kill me' game

    Total: 1650

    I just need a really good Tactic at defeating this army in a Annihilation game, 8 times out of 10 I usually win at objective games because I'm more tactical when it comes to things like that. But just a good old slog fest

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    got lots of boys, loads of them and just hurl them at the wolves, while they are amazing at combat enough attacks and eventually they will go down, cripple the land raider and make the blood claws walk and shoot them, they dont have any one leading them so they are going to be prone to charging instead of shooting first but still keep them out of combat and focus on the other squads.

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