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    Ork Tactica: Anti-Tank

    I suppose it depends on how you work your army lists. It's all well and good dashing across the board with deffrollas, but then you are in a prime position to just be melta'd in the next shooting phase if you are not careful.

    There are two ways to look at Orks: speed freak or horde.

    I think that Speed freeks should be looked at a slightly more forgiving version of the Dark eldar, ie:- shoot apart his transports then move in for the kill. I know that relying on Ork shooting isn't the best way to start a discussion, but hear me out. Every trukk boy unit can take 2 Rokkit launchas, max out on trukk boyz (and why not?) and you have 12 of them. Add a few buggies or Deffkoptas (whichever is your poison) and you should have around 18 to go around. That should be a few dead Rhinos a turn.

    Add a few lootas if needs be - I just find them too frail.

    The advantage of sticking to trukks is that you can usually gain a 4+ cover save whilst you are out in the open if you take advantage of the big mekks kustom force field. It is by no means perfect, but makes those trukks far less vulnerable when half of the shots that land don't do anything.

    And something else to look at: Melta rules 5th edition. Granted, no army relies soley on said melta, that would be silly. But it is the number one tank busting weapon for the meta out there (lots of space marines and their variants). The range of a meltagun is only 12", or 24" if firing after hopping out of a rhino. With rokkit launcha spam it is a win-win situation either way. You are either operating outside of meltagun range, dancing around popping rokkits at him, or he has blown your Trukk up after getting out of the Rhino and he is now close enough to be charged next turn. Or he doesn't blow you up and has left himself open. You just have play things right and just assume that you can just charge into his wall of transports and hope for the best.

    Horde is pretty much the same - forgo big shootas and take rokkit launchas instead, target whatever is moving fast towards you (most probably flamers or uber assault unit inside) and let the faster elements of the army deal with the backfield tanks.

    The chances are, however, that your opponent has some devastators or Long fangs hiding at the back taking pot shots at you. This is a prime target for the Kommands and Snikrot. Take out those missile launchers and reduce your opponents threat range to the point where he is forced to use the shorter ranged anti-tank guns.

    But, the main problem for all Ork armies: Land Raiders. Usually, it isn't the Land Raider itself that is the problem, it's the unit inside that causes the most worry. Thunder hammer terminators, Ragnar and some wolfguard, a horde of black templars, Khorne berserkers and Kharn. All of these make any Ork unit squishy, and they are quite common to see inside of said Land Raider. At this point rokkits don't cut it, unless you fire half a billion of them at the damned thing (if you're still with the example I gave above, 18 rokkit launchas will result in 6 hits, and 1 glance. Not good!). We simply need strength 9, preferably 10. Problem? Our strength 9 and 10 attacks are conducted at point blank range with either power klaws or deffrollas.

    The deffrolla deals out a silly amount of attacks at strength 10 with a threat range of 13". Theres a few advantages to using rolla for only land raider hunting duties. 1 - Terminators very rarely come equiped with meltaguns, 2 - you can assault the unit that comes out, or just shoot it with shoota boyz, and 3 - if you do move max speed then your opponent is needing 6s to hit you if he decided to take you apart with powerfists. But, one thing you have to bear in mind when using your battlewagons in such an offensive way - if you do not coordinate your attacks with the rest of your army then you are looking at a slag pile of a tank in the following turn as reinforcements come to blow it up, which usually ends up with the unit that it is transporting dead as well.

    But we already knew that, right? There is, I'm afraid, a very dirty trick in 5th edition 40k: Emergency disembarkation. This rule state that if you cannot deploy the unit inside the transport within 2" of the exits, then any model that does not fit is automatically destroyed. No ifs or buts. You see the plan here? Charge up 3 buggies or empty trukks to the tanks side and rear armour, then ram the front of the land raider with the deffrolla. Play it right and you should see a character and one or two attendants as they cannot feasibly deploy more than 1" from your units. I must admit that it is a little ambiguous in the rules, as the FAQ has too little to actually say on the matter:

    Q: If a transport vehicle is completely surrounded can a
    unit inside disembark by moving through the enemy
    models? (p67)
    A: No. Models that disembark are still subject to the
    normal movement rules regarding moving through
    other models as per page 11.

    Q: If a skimmer on a large oval flying base is wrecked,
    and its base is completely surrounded by enemy
    models, are all embarked models killed? (p71)
    A: Yes.
    But I have used it many a time in tournaments and it hasn't been ruled out. Proceed with caution and check up on either your local tournies or your usual store.

    But back to the actual tac tic (if you can call it that!). This does seem to work really well as most Land Raiders are eager to get to grips with you. Just position yourself right and see if he bites. It is worth taking the extra time to pull this off as these types of units can easily take up a third of the games points costs or more. Using a good chunk of your army to eliminate such a massive threat is always worth the time. If you are not able to pull this off thanks to local ruling, then it is worth remembering that the unit cannot do anything for the rest of the turn except fight back in combat.

    But, a little more insurance is always needed, isn't it? Consider a suicidekopter then. Take a deffkopta unit and give one the powerklaw. In your scout move, turbo boost across the table at whatever you don't like (anything other than the Land Raider in this case, you are only strength 7 with the Klaw.), if you get first turn then you are in prime position to charge and start cutting into it. If you go second then your opponent has to focus some fire into them as they are comfortably sat with a 3+ cover save, Toughness 5 and 2 wounds a piece. If you survive you can go and attack the tank (Preferably from the front, so that he has to move around you or tank shock, potentially getting 'death or glory') and slow it down.

    This idea is very risky - it relies on you getting first turn, on the deffkoptas not dying if they don't get first turn, and then getting through the armour. But if your opponent has a transport or tank just waiting for it then you can even the odds quickly.

    What are out other options? We want the stuff outside of their land raiders, but we don't really want to do it with close combat, as that defeats the point of getting the deathstar out of their transport and forcing them to walk. Theres very little that we can do with shooting: lootas can't scratch Land raiders, rokkits just tickle it and the Shock attack gun is far too unreliable for heavy tank denial.

    Theres a few odds and ends buried in the army list that we can take in general list and use in emergency situations. If you have the points spare consider taking a few boarding planks, drive past and smack the tank in it's side. You can even threaten Land raiders this way thanks to the line "...exactly as if the Ork were disembarking and charging,..." meaning that your Ork nob with a power klaw (and you should always have power klaws!) gets his furious charge. Not the most reliable option, but then again, it is only a point less than another Ork in the army. Consider it if you are worried (and you should be!), but do not rely on it.

    Another option would be to take some Killa Kans and stick some rokkits on them. Kans have Bs 3, so they can get some shots off whilst they waddle up the board. You're not relying on the actual rokkits doing the damage, it is just sometimes a nice suprise. But instead you're wanting to get ahead of the army and attack with the dreadnaught close combat weapons. With a bit of luck there won't be a powerfist in the unit that jumps out, but if the kans are threatend S10 should be enough to insta-kill the character that comes attached.

    One last point - Zzap guns. These have really fallen from grace since the previous games, and I still wouldn't give them the time of day. But it is one of our few high strength, high accuracy (for Orks) long range (for Orks) options in our army. If you do take them, take them without expecting them to do much. Ever.

    And if you really must, take a gamble at the Shokk attack gun. You may get lucky. Maybe.

    But lets say that everything has failed. The Battlewagon has been immobilised, the Rokkits have just bounced all game long, what then? Just look at the reasons as to why you want the tank gone. If it is an assaulting tank (Land raider, other Battlewagons, and Dark Eldar raiders) then it wants to get to you. Whether it is being used offensively and coming at you directly, or it is being used as a mobile reserve it wants to get to you and disgourge it's contents. If you cannot reliably get rid of the tank itself start blocking it. Move empty trukks, buggies or deffkoptas in it's way so that it either has to ram or move around you. The vehicle can only continue moving if the tank that it rams explodes. Do whatever you can do to distract the Tank from your main lines whilst you take on the weaker elements of the opposing army. Same goes for when charging the opened lines of your opponent, rather than jumping out directly, jump out to the side of the tank with the trukk between the combat and the counter attack.

    If it is an offensive tank (Leman Russ, Hammerhead, Fire prisms) then you're looking at getting yourself some coversaves. Chances are your terrain will be rather sparse, as that seems to be the trend in this edition. No one seems to have realised that shooting has changed so much beyond 4th, even years later. But I digress. The point is that you won't be able to rely on terrain to save your bacon. Take a big mekk with a kustom force field if you haven't already, I think they should be the first thing that anyone should add to the list. 4+ cover saves is a massive boon as I added before, but you should also be think about blocking line of sight, wasting a turn of shooting from your opponet. Plus, if your opponent has alot of shooting tanks, then the deffkopta trick will scare the bejezus out of him. Destroy an important tank on turn 1 (more if it is a unit of tanks like Russes) and start to play havoc.

    Hope that this helps.

    *First time presenting a tactica to LO, hope did things right.

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