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    Independent characters and "accompanying" units in combat

    Both marine Librarians and BT Chaplains (there are probably others, but I don't know of them) are allowed to take units, familiars and cenobyte servitors respectively, that are considered to "accompany" them; it does not explicitly state that they form a unit. If a character with these kinds of units are attached to a squad that is in combat, does the accompanying unit count as part of the joined squad or does it and the character count as a single unit for attack distribution? If it's the latter, then the character in effect gains extra wounds due to Mixed Armor.

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    Taking Familiars/Cenobytes is the same idea as a Tau Commander taking Drones: these models form a unit with the Commander but are considered Wargear.

    In combat, the IC model itself is always treated as a separate unit (P.51 BGB second paragraph of "The Assault Phase") regardless of any added wargear models. Having other models with him invokes the rules for Multiple Combats (found on P.45 BG. Only the enemy models in base contact with the IC and those within 2" of said models may attack him. His "Wargear unit" forms a second combat, and any unit that he has joined forms a third.

    Note that enemy models in BtB contact with models from the "Wargear Unit" or the "joined" unit can attack the IC instead of the afore-mentioned units as long as they are within 2" of a friendly model in BtB with the IC.

    Hope this helped a little. It isn't an easy one to answer.

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