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    Mixed Armour/Toughness: Spell it out for me

    What is the deal with mixed armour and mixed toughness? I want the full deal here. Majority toughness makes all models in the unit count as that toughness? Majority armour makes all models in the unit count as that toughness? What about Invulnerable saves (ie there are some models that have it and some that don't, such as shield drones in Tau Crisis Suit Teams)? Do you take the invulnerable saves on the drones, or do the units with Invulnerable saves count as one portion and the ones with out Invulnerable saves as another portion with a -+ save? In the case that more shots hit a unit than there are models in a unit and you are allowed to distribute wounds individually, will individual models take their individual toughnesses/saves? What's the deal in close combat?

    What's the DEAL???

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    1. Majority Toughness: P.23 BGB under "Multiple Toughness". Wounds are caused against this value. All it requires is for there to be one more model of the particular toughness for this rule to be initiated.

    2. Majority Armour: The wounds caused in (1) above are applied to the models with this armour first. Majority Armour does not make every model in the unit have this armour. See Example in paragraph 3 on P.76 BGB under "Mixed Armour".

    3. Invulnerable Saves are always allowed to be taken with few exceptions (Necron Warscythe, for example). P.25 BGB lines 5-end of paragraph. In the case of Tau Shield Drones, the Drones adopt the Armour Save of their Controller so there will be no "Majority Armour" since all saves are the same. For example, if a wound has a low enough AP to ignore the Armour Save or to cause Instant Death, then an attempt can be made to save against it using the Shield Drone's Invulnerable Save, since all the models in the same unit have the same armour save value.

    If you suffer from Torrent of Fire, the opponent chooses which model is to take the first save but the owning player gets to choose against which hit he will attempt the save. This save will be taken on the individual model's armour save.

    Torrent of Fire and Torrent of Blows are explained on P.26 BGB third and fourth paragraphs right column and P.41 BGB under "Armour Saves" respectively. After this initial hit is sorted out, the remaining wounds are distributed as per the normal rules on P.76 BGB. If your unit also includes several multi-wound models, then the rule on P.27 BGB last paragraph of "Creatures with more than one wound" comes into play as well.

    The Close Combat set-up is slightly different in that only models in the Engaged Zone can be wounded (P.41 BGB lines 4-end of "Who is hit?"). Regarding different Toughnesses, see P.41 BGB under "Different Toughnesses". Remember that every CC is done in Initiative stages, so the Majority Toughness may need to be revised during a single combat.

    I think I've fielded most of your questions: there were quite a few! Hopefully this has helped a little anyway.

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