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Thread: Allied Forces

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    Allied Forces


    For this Tale of Painters thing I'm planning an Iron Warriors army with some LatD allies. My question is; do both forces use the same FOC or do they follow their own?

    I.e: Would I have a Chaos Lord, a squad of CSMs and a saquad of Traitors, or would I have a Chaos Lord, 2 squads of CSMs, an Arch Herectic and 2 squads of Traitors?

    The former seems most likley, but I thought I should check


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    In general (my experience is with the Loyalist armies), you use only one FOC, and the compulsory choices must be filled from the 'parent' list. So, if I'm going to ally Daemonhunter units to a Space Marine force, I need to have at least one HQ and two Troops choices from Codex: Space Marines before I ally any Daemonhunter units. Unless otherwise noted in your codices, it should work the same way.

    I will say that the LatD codex doesn't mention being able to add choices from the LatD as allies to a CSM force, which makes me think you can't do so. It mentions being able to add allies from Codex: Chaos Space Marines into a 'parent' list of LatD, but not the other way around. I'd double-check the CSM codex to see if it allows this. Otherwise you're stuck with making a LatD army.


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