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    Post-Ethereal Tau

    In the 'ardboyz I succeeded in killing a tau ethereal (with the aid of my chaplain led 10 man assault team smashing into the unit he was in).

    After the death of aforementioned magical space cow, my opponent made several saves and failed others, apparently based on the 'death of the ethereal rule.'

    I know that killing the ethereal is 'bad' for the tau, and thats why I targetted him.

    I also know those who pass the morale check get favored enemy.

    Now, what happened was his crisis suit team failed their morale check, took for the hills, and then we got into a bit of an disagreement over whether they could rally on the next turn (they were at 2/3s strength) or not since they hadn't run entirely off the board. He seemed to think the tau codex was vague on the fact, and from how he described the wording, it seemed to indicate the tau units would just keep running off the field of battle.

    The time however ended before the next round of retreat and/or rally.

    So was I right, or was I wrong?

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    After the BIG TEST, you suffer standard morale. If your units are above 50%, and further than 6" from an enemy, they may TRY and regroup. Models with And Thou Shall Know No Fear automatically pass their test, and may take it even if under 50%, but can't regroup if an enemy is within 6". All other units without special rules regroup as normal. Note, bonding knives may also help you if you are tau. Also, you get a +1 to regroup if there is no enemy in LOS IIRC.
    Since most tau are jet troops (or jump troops) they fall back 3d6, so the chances of them staying on the board long is slim to nil. One main reason to worry about taking the ethereal.

    But to sum up, Yes, they may try and regroup.
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    The Suits should not have run away on the turn the Ethereal died. The "Price of Failure" test is taken at the start of the next Tau turn following the turn in which the Ethereal dies, not immediately he croaks it.

    If a unit fails their test, then they fall back and have to therefore re-test at the start of their next turn to see if they rally. If the unit is at or over half strength then they may attempt to rally. If not, then they cannot rally and will continue to run as per the normal 40k rules.

    In this case, the XV8s would have been eligible to attempt to rally after their fallback move following the failed "Price of Failure" test.

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