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    Regulation Size Gaming Table

    sorry if this is against the rules to ask because if it is i dont know...But does anyone know the games workshop regulation sized gaming table? Right now ive been playing on the floor and its realy not cool. Also, does anyone know how to construct such a table?

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    6' x 4' is the usual size. 4' wide is the main thing, how long it is isn't quite so important (I've played on 8' x 4' in the past)..

    Go to your local builders' merchant and get a sheet of plywood then paint it green (or whatever colour you prefer) is the easiest way. You could texture it if you wanted something a little more impressive.

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    As stated, 4' by 4' or 6' by 4' is the way to go. Preferably the 6' by 4', as it gives enough room for a normal size game. Increasing the first number to say 8' or 10' by 4' is a good way to set up space for larger games, mega battles, and the like.

    Here's how to build one of these boards in simple steps (or at least how I did mine, which I find to be pretty nice):

    1. Head down to your local hardware store.
    2. Pick up a plywood board of the proper size. (Note: You can be done here!)
    3. Grab some:
    a. White Glue
    b. Playground Sand
    c. Paint (Black and Gray for cities, Brown and Tan for Sand, Brown and Greens for Grassy)
    d. Pieces of wood cut to fit under your board as a frame, as such:
    i i i
    i i i
    i i i
    i i i
    Edit: Okay, it's changing the formatting there, but one row of i's on the left side, one in the middle, and one on the right!
    For instance, on a 6' by 4' board, pick up 2 pieces that are 72" by 1" by 1", and 3 pieces that are 46" by 1" by 1".
    e. Felt strips to cover the bottom of the frame.
    4. Take it home and nail or screw on frame to the bottom of the board.
    5. Paint the white glue along the plywood and sprinkle the sand on it. Be careful to go slow and not let the glue dry before you can add sand. This will add texture.
    6. Shake off the excess sand somewhere suitable.
    7. Paint the frame and the wood your undercoat color (either black or brown).
    8. After that is dry, then use a drybrush of your overcoat to get either city, sand, or muddy grass as your tabletop. Leave the frame the undercoat color.
    7. Attach felt to the bottom of the frame, which will allow you to put the board on another surface easily without scratching it. For instance, when I play at home, I often play on my dining room table, which is a solid 500 pound bit of wife would murder me if I scratched it up, and the felt does the trick.
    8. Add terrain from simple (books) to medium (GW/Railroad/Aquarium stuff) to complex (build it yourself) if you like.
    9. Roll up a game and have fun!

    Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you and not too complicated. I believe all the numbers are correct. Enjoy!


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    I had the lumber store cut up a 4'x8' sheet of 5/8" ply into two 4x3 sheets (with a 4x2 strip left over).
    Then I just screwed some folding table legs to each sheet and voila, two very storable tables that I can use for bbqs, poker games, oh and put them together to make a 4x6 table for 40K 8Y.

    (I do have a green terrain mat that goes over top though.)
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