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    Assorted Questions

    Not sure how this double posted. Sorry =\ Delete this.

    Last edited by Ferrel; October 10th, 2007 at 19:43. Reason: Double post by mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrel View Post
    Are these considered newer space marine rules though? Do commanders simply cost more or are these values just used to offset the bonuses available to BA players?
    Codex: BA is a stand alone product. While things in there may be an indication of things to come for Codex: SM, (like combat squads) nothing in that book changes things for Codex: SM. In other words, BA stuff is just more expensive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrel View Post
    Can you assign a transport to any unit or only ones that specifically state it in the codex entry?
    Dedicated transports can only be given to units that list it as an option in their profile. However, if a vehicle with transport capability (like the LR) can be taken as a regular entry, like Heavy Support, then it can transport any unit that is not specifically denied the use of a transport, like bikes and jump-marines.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrel View Post
    My witch hunter army is strictly sisters. I do not use any of the actual inquisitor side. As an additional elite choice, I've included a unit of grey knight terminators. Is this acceptable?
    Yes. You are allowed one elite choice as an ally. As long as there is no prerequisite to fielding a unit of gray knight terminators you're fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrel View Post
    In addition, if I had a gray knight grand master and attach the terminators to him and make the squad an HQ choice, is this acceptable?
    As long as this is a valid HQ choice from the Demon Hunters codex, and your army does not already have 2 HQ's, then your fine.

    Remember, your basic force construction (1 HQ and 2 Troop) must come from the parent list.

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