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    Make your own trrops


    Not sure where the right place to paste this questions so i thoughts i would try here.

    Does anyone know of a website where the author had written a system where by you can create any trrop of your choice by building up from an all 3s state line? adding weaponds, abilities etc?


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    I've seen an online version of the Vehicle and Creature Design Rules, but never one for creating new "basic" units... I'd think the problem would be balancing such a system to the existing Codex choices. This is especially true if said calculator is supposed to be able to create units for any army, as the points costs between Codices aren't directly related to each other (or so GW claims).

    If you have an idea for a model, I'd recommend using existing Codex rules to portray it. For example: "This thing here is my Tyranid Mutilator, it uses Tyranid Warrior rules and is equipped with stuff A, B and C together with weapons X and Y."

    Making up your own rules is usually frowned upon, just make sure to get lots of feedback from the people you play with in order to balance any self-made units! ;Y
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