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Thread: acolyets?

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    sorry for the spelling but i was wondering if you take 3 acolytes and give each of them auspex do all 3 models get to roll 4d6 for the infiltration roll or only one.
    this questions is asked because my friend it said it was cheap to spread the acolytes far to cover a larger range. also when measuring from the mystics roll do we measure from the mystic or anyone in the squad.

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    If you paid for auspex on each of them, then they each get a roll. and you would measure from the model with it.

    However, Auspex is one of the worst things in the book to actually spend points on. it's an ok piece of wargear if you have a couple points left over with NOTHING else to do with it, but other then that, I would spend points elsewhere.

    Here is why.

    An infiltrating unit has to be 18" away if there is line of sight. Average roll on 4d6 is 14.

    So first, your opponent has to have infiltration or it's useless.
    then he has to infiltrate within LOS of the unit with Auspex, or its useless.
    Then, even with an above average roll on your 4d6, he might be out of range, making it useless.

    So if all the planets and stars are properly aligned, and you turn around 3 times and spit over your right shoulder before the start of the game... you might get some use out of it.

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