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    Eversor Neurogauntlet v Vehicles

    A little question arose in a friendly game last night. According to the rules, any vehicle hit by the neuro-gauntlet is considered glanced on a d6 roll of 6 regardless of AV. (Sorry I'm at work and don't have the 'Dex in front of me so my wording my be a little off)

    Question: Does that mean if I roll a 6 to hit the vehicle it is automatically glanced; or does it mean that after I hit the vehicle, if I get a 6 on the armor penetration roll is counts as glanced?

    At first I went with the first interpretation, mainly b/c I saw the any vehicle hit part followed by the on a d6 roll of 6. That coupled with the fact that the eversor can't glance any vehicle of AV 11 and up rolling for penetration would be useless.

    Later on after re-reading it and thinking about it I changed my mind and decided that no, in fact situation 2 was correct and it only glanced on a pen roll of 6.

    Which is correct? I have a feeling situation 2 is and that I found the right answer eventually, but I'd like to be sure.

    As for the game, we both were unsure how to take it, so the 1st time it happened we diced for it (I lost ); second time I re-read the rules and went with option 2 the rest of the game, so dicing was no longer needed.


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    Its on the second roll that it will clance a vehicle. Its just like a Dark Eldar agonizer.

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