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    Carnifex VS Dreadnought

    Hi all.

    Maybe this is a stupid question but i'm gonna ask it anyway!! I've been into Warhammer for about 18 years and started playing 40k when it first came out. I stopped playing when the old Epic system died (for want of a better word) and for the last few years i've just been painting.
    Now my 8 year old son is enjoying all my minitures and last month i bought the 'Battle for Macrage' box set and have since bought loads of extras. We both bought Codex's, he's collecting 'Nids and i'm sticking to good 'ol Ultramarines.

    My question is this: Everytime his Carnifex with Venom cannon hits my Dreadnought it usually blows it up?!?!
    'Fex with Venom Cannon is max strength 10 and the 'Noughts front armour is 12 so any score of 3 or more is bad news (even a roll of 2 for a glancing can sometimes be nasty).
    So is this right? Am i missing a really obvious bit of the rule book?

    Also, how many to hit dice do'es the Fex roll, it says attack X so if he has 2 attack is that 4 dice?

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    for shooting, he rolls X times the attack profile for venom cannons (thus a carni rolls 2 shots with a venom cannon). The special rules for the venom cannon are very particular about what kind of vehicles they can and cannot glance-hint, they can't glance your vehicle, so any 2+ will be a glancing hit (of which 1/6 will go boom, rather than 1/2)).

    Now, the devourer is 2X, so you take the carnies attack stat and times it by the multiplier given. And yeah, some of this is borderline for the rules, as GW is rather defensive about us posting literal rules, but it should help clarify as SOOO many people have problems with this.
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