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    REQUEST: Custom Missions for Rogue Trader Tournaments

    To LO Mods: If this post is in the wrong area, can you please move it to the appropriate post? Thanks

    LO Gamers:
    I was hoping to get any references to custom missions for Warhammer 40k. The missions would be used in our monthly 1850 tournaments at our local RTT store in Miami, Florida (USA). Our goal is to have a pool of 40-50 missions, which we can take from. In this sense every tournament for the entire year should have a different mission in each round. More importantly, I want to have missions that have been "play-tested" a few times. I'm sure I could make up a mission, or even do a google search, but I would prefer ones that have already been testing a few times in tournaments/games.

    I am currently aware of a few sites and resources:
    1. The Games Workshop RTT Downloads - Offers 16 missions
      Games Workshop Community Downloads
    2. The Adepticon Site
      AdeptiCon 2008 - Downloads section
    3. Games Workshop Lucky 13s
      Lucky 13s Downloads page
    4. Three missions from the 40k 'Ard Boyz Tournament from last year, which I obtained when I participated in the preliminary round.

    I'm sure some of you may have participated in an RTT tournament where a custom RTT mission was presented. Its possible that a RT tournament sponsor made a CD with missions, or something like that. If that's the case, paying for the CD and shipping (assuming its a reasonable price) isn't a problem.

    So any leads you can give me would be highly appreciated.

    My thanks

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    If you check out the GW-Canada community site, the tourney pack has some good missions in it that don't deviate as heavily from the 'core' missions. Some of them are boring, but some are really good and don't create all the crying about imbalance that things like a hostage rescue are want to do.

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    The guys behind Astronomi-con sell a CD containing 50 of their scenarios, plus photos and other extra stuff. They're a really awesome set of missions, making full use of almost every scenario rule in the book, plus quite a few of their own devising.

    There's a forge world scenario with independent defence robots rampaging through both player's lines, a battle for a forgotten temple with variable objectives and an Inquisitor Lord with retinue shooting holes through anything that gets too close (even forces tasked with protecting him!), a sandstorm table where both sides have issues shooting anything beyond 12" away and a rogue Vindicare Assassin that has no such problems, and even a scenario where the opposing armies have to deal with an out-of-control Baneblade menacing everything in sight!

    Victory points and objectives play a major role in all of them, and Random Game length, Dusk and Dawn, Night Fighting, Deep Strike, Reserves, Escalation and others make their presence felt as well.

    These missions have been tested and tweaked in over 360 games per year at three major tournaments complete with Forge World models, VDR, Flyers, Special Characters and specialty armies (Elysians/LatD/Armoured Companies/etc) for nearly a Decade now, so playtesting shouldn't be a problem.

    $20 + $5 shipping (Canadian $$$).
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