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    New Scatter Rules Questions

    I don't have the new rule book so if all these are addressed in it, then sorry. But please respond anyways.
    The first two questions are regarding the initial placement of the blast before rolling scatter

    1. Targeting something that needs to be spotted
    Under the new rules, all blast weapons scatter, under the new scatter rules you no longer have to place the blast marker so that the center is over a model. If you were shooting it at an enemy which you need to roll to spot, do you still need to spot them? I mean you could easily claim that the center of the blast is just "somewhere" on the table, and the blast happens to touch the stealth/cloaked units. Lets say you have a team of tau stealth suits and you and you place the center of the blast so that its not on any models, but the blast touches them. If the center was in the midst of the squad, then ya its pretty obvious who you're shooting at. What about if you placed the center of the blast just outside of the squad? Or what about placing the center of the blast in between the stealths and some fire warriors which are beside them? Could you claim that the blast is directed at the fire warriors which do not need spotting, and the blast simply happens to cover models from both units? Where do you draw the line? Or do you not have to roll for spotting at all?

    2. Targeting the same enemy as rest of squad
    This is in a similar avenue as the first question. If you have one heavy weapon in a squad which has blast, or lets say you had 2 weapons on a vehicle which can both be fired, and one is a blast weapon. Normally, unless otherwise stated by a specific rule or characteristic, the entire squad or the whole vehicle has to shoot at the same enemy unit. So does the blast have to just touch at least one model of that squad, and that's it? What if the blast is placed mostly over another enemy unit, but the edge of the blast just touches one model from the enemy unit the rest of the squad shot at? Could you then say, well that model was hit by the blast and so the unit was still being targeted? Where do you draw the line?

    3. Gets Hot, and blast weapons
    The gets hot result came from rolling to hit. You no longer have to roll to hit blast weapons, you just scatter them. Something I saw a staff member of my local store do is before shooting a plasma cannon, roll a quick gets hot test (gets hot when you roll a 1), and then proceed as normal. I dont know if this is an official rule, or if it is something they came up with. Because blast weapons do not roll to hit, and so are never supposed to miss, do you still get to shoot the blast for that turn if the weapon gets hot?

    4. Guess range weapons
    Since all blast marker weapons no longer roll to hit, and always roll scatter, what's the difference now between regular weapons which use blast templates, and guess range (G-") weapons. I know that with guess weapons you do not need line of sight. Is there anything else?

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    1. No. You need to be able to see/spot a unit before the unit fires. If you can't see a unit at all, and don't have barrage weapons, the target is still not viable. and the blast rules do say you have to place the hole over a model (2nd paragraph).

    2. See above.

    3. See pg 31 under "Gets Hot! and blast weapons"

    4. See pg 32, 4th bullet point.

    Basically, get a rulebook - it's what it is for. Fishing for rules, regardless of how well-intentioned you are, isn't on.
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    Having an army and not owning a rulebook is like owning a car with no steering wheel.

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    <3 rork. He does all the arguing so I don't have to.

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