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    Some search-light questions

    Hey everyone,

    I've got a few ambiguities about search lights I was wondering if anyone could help clear up.

    1) Do you roll to hit when pointing a searchlight at a target unit?
    2) Can you use a searchlight only once a game?
    3) Are search-lights hampered at all by 'cloaking' effects of units, such as Grey Knights or Harlequins?
    4) Can a unit that 'shoots' with a searchlight fire with other weapons that shooting phase? Can it shoot at a different unit than it targeted with its searchlight?

    I played a night-fight recently vs. an Eldar player, and there was bit of misunderstanding about these subtleties of search lights. I hope to hear your thoughts!

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    You do not shoot the searchlight. You shoot your regular guns at the target. If your roll to see the target is successful, the searchlight automatically hits that target. You can use it any number of times, although there aren't many scenarios that have more than one turn of Night Fighting =). Any targeting restrictions that apply to shooting the target apply to the searchlight. If you try to shoot at Harlequins, you'll have to pass both a night fight roll, and then a veil of tears roll. If you pass both those rolls, the light will hit. Then other units won't have to roll for night fight, only veil of tears.

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