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    Space Wolves and counter attack

    Hello i'm not used to these hallowed pages but anyway, I've always had a space wolf army and i've just got back into 40K after purchasing AOBR. After a quick read of the rules book and the wolf codex a couple of queries came up.
    Firstly all space wolves have counter attack, so do blood claws gain +2 attacks when they counter charge. I believe that they do if i'm wrong please illuminate me.
    Secondly does the wolf pelt which gives the model +1 attack when they counter charge would they gain +2 attacks when they counter charge. +1 for the pelt and +1 for counter attacking.

    Cheers diggidity

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    The SW FAQ says that the Counter Attack rule in the Codex is to be ignored in favour of that found in the rulebook.

    So now we have to take a Ld test for counter-attacking, but this may mean that *every* model in the unit gets to add an attack, not just the guy with the Wolf Pelt. The other wording in the rule on P.74 BRB says that the unit gets the +1 attack bonus
    exactly as if they too had assaulted that turn.
    Blood Claws get +2 attacks on the charge, so I would say yes they still get that when counter-attacking. The guy with the Wolf Pelt will get his standard +1 for charging, but I think you could also suggest that the wording of the Wolf Pelt rules would allow him to gain a further +1 attack as it says that he gets this when counter-attacking. So it would be standard extra attack for charging, plus this one from the WP ie 4 attacks for a Wolf Guard.

    That's the way I would play this anyway, but there may be other Wolf players out there who know of more in-depth rulings on this.

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