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Thread: New Missions?

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    New Missions?

    My friend and I were wondering if there were any other missions beside the three that are in the rulebook. With capture and control my friend just just sends a fast unit to contest my base and wins the game. We also dont really like the elimination type mission much. Are there any other types of missions we could try with more variety?

    Also, I didn't exactly know which part of the forum this belonged to so I hope this is ok.

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    It's fine here.

    There are other missions throughout the book, from page 267 onwards. I have heard rumours of GW making a mission book as a supplement.
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    You can also make up your own missions.
    Latest one that my group set up was a Chaos vs Anyone mission, based roughly off the moon of Davin (read False Gods)
    Chaos gets 1000 points, the other army gets 1500 points.
    You deploy on short table sides, chaos can deploy anywhere on their half, the other army within 24 inches of their side. In the middle of the chaos deployment zone is an objective, a vox caster, chanting out praise to nurgle. So long as chaos holds that objective, they get to deepstrike a varying ammount of "nurgle zombies", the deepstrike scatters normaly, but ignores the "within 1 inch of an enemy" rule.
    The ammount of corpses woken up depends how many objectives are held by either side (vox relay stations), and how many units on either side have been killed. The other army has to destroy the objective (its thought of as a 12AV 'tank') to stop the deepstrikes. Once the objective is destroyed the game continues as a normal snatch and grab the objective.

    It can easily be modified to fit any army. Say chaos is attacking the imperials and the main objective gets to call down an orbital strike. Nids could use it as a boost to synapse. Eldar and Dark eldar as a webway gate, so on and so forth.

    Just read some of the fluff on the more famous battles of the 40k universe, and it wouldn't be hard to think up new enjoyable missions.
    Hell, you can even do the 40k version of ancient battles
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