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    Ramming through difficult terrain.

    Hi all,
    I have a scenario for you all and would like an opinion please.

    A tank declares its intention to Ram, it comes into contact midway through its allowed distance and destroys the enemy vehicle.

    That vehicle now becomes an area of difficult ground and the Tank continues on to finish its distance traveling through the newly formed ‘difficult ground.’

    Now does said Tank ever have to make a difficult terrain test?

    It did indeed enter an area of difficult terrain but the real question to me is when is that applied? If you follow strict RAW with ramming the order of events are clear and it must take a test but in real life how on earth do you apply it since the movement allotment has already been determined previously.

    (Personally I would apply the terrain value to the vehicle after the event of Ramming is finished but it could be argued the other way though you can’t seem to be able to apply that in game).


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    I guess you could argue either way. I'd say RAW you have to roll, because you are moving through difficult terrain after all, and RAI you don't, because you already managed to surpass the obstacle. I mean, how's a bump in the road going to be able to stop you if a friggin' tank couldn't?
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    I'd go with RAW "have to roll" too. Reasons:

    1. The ramming vehicle must always go at its maximum speed P.69 BRB top right column
    2. If the rammed vehicle explodes, the ramming vehicle has to continue its move to the maximum move distance (unless it comes up against another enemy unit) P.69 BRB bottom right column
    3. When a vehicle moves through an area of difficult terrain it must make a DT test P.57 BRB 2nd paragraph.

    If a Ramming move is successfully initiated then I believe that once contact is made, the vehicle stops right there at the point of contact. In other words, the ramming tank does not simply plough on through the enemy vehicle as it would do in the case of a Tank Shock manoeuvre. I believe this to be borne out by the following quote (underlined emphasis mine):
    If the ramming tank comes into contact with an enemy vehicle..[snip]...Each vehicle immediately suffers a hit against the armour facing....
    With the enemy vehicle removed from play due to the "Explodes" result, an area of difficult terrain is placed in its stead. The ramming vehicle now proceeds on its way through this area, as it is not sitting *on* it - it couldn't be since that was where the enemy tank was! - but is effectively about to move through it due to the original halt caused by the ramming move. This move therefore fulfills the rule mentioned in #2 above

    I wonder if folk realise that there is this element of "continue movement" in a Ram procedure when launching the manoeuvre if the maximum distance has not been used up and their enemy explodes. I didn't. It just goes to show too that it is worthwhile being very sure that your ramming move will be a Cruising Speed maximum distance so that you don't get caught out by this possible added attraction.

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    Keep in mind that it is only difficult terrain if you have a piece of terrain representing difficult terrain to replace the tank with (i.e. small crater). If not, you don't have to play it as such.

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