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Thread: cover saves

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    cover saves

    Hi Guys,

    I need some help clarifying in my head when cover saves are granted... I had a pretty unique thing happen this weekend in a game and wanted some feedback on how to handle it...

    So how it went was there was a unit of sisters on a hill, 6 were on the first level of a 2 level hill, and 14 were behind them on the gaming table... I had a unit of 10 guys basically out in the open from their perspective(meaning no other terrain between the hill and my guys) . So from the sister's perspective, 6 could see them 100% , 3 could see my guy's heads and 11 couldn't see them at all because the hill was blocking LOS.

    Now I thought I would get a cover save 4+ because the majority of his squad couldn't see the majority of my squad. He argued that the majority of his squad that "was firing" could see the majority of my squad... So we consulted the rule book and never found a section that gave either my reasoning or his reasoning as a "rule"... further more in the exceptions, it says something about "firing from a linear piece of terrain, the firers can ignore that for purposes of cover saves" and gives the examples of tank traps and fences... We ended up 4 up'ing the rule, but I thought I'd ask people here what they thought...

    This also has other consequences that I thought about, if he is right, you could park majority of a unit out of LOS of the enemy just exposing say a hvy weapon and get the benefit of cover while not granting that to the opponent..

    Area terrain is very specific about this rule with the 3" thing but for normal static terrain (linear? terrain) the rules seem a little cloudy? IDK if this is just me playing with a very vocal person who has a poor grasp of the rules, but I though my "majority can see unobstructed, no cover save" basic premise was a good grasp of the cover rules...

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    Pg. 22, under Units Partially in cover, 4th Paragraph

    If only one model is shooting, it will be easy to tell how many models in the target unit are in cover from the firer's point of view. If multiple models are shooting, you will need to work out how many models are in cover from the point of view of the majority of the firing models that are in range.
    I think that's everything related to the question...alles klar?
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