Breath of Chaos - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: Breath of Chaos

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    Breath of Chaos

    Howdy folks,

    Just a quick rules dispute regarding Breath of Chaos from the Chaos Daemon Codex, This move doesn't state what phase it can be used in, or if it can be used while engaged in close combat or not . I'm assuming it is in the shooting phase and fired as a gun, but most of the other codex's specifically state that it's fired in the shooting phase, so there has been some dispute in our group as to if it can be used in close combat.

    Thanks for the help ^_^

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    The fact that it is a template weapon is enough to indicate that it is a shooting attack, and thus need to follow the normal sequence of being used only in your shooting phase. It doesn't need to say that you can't use it in assault or any other phase. Otherwise, what would prevent you from also using it during your movement phase or even during any of your opponent's phases ("But the description doesn't say I can't fire during your shooting turn...etc., etc."). Basically, if you can use it out of turn (i.e. during your assault phase), the description will explicitly state so (i.e. Boon of Mutation). If it doesn't say so, then you can't.

    Warpfire, Bolt of Tzeentch, and Deathstrike also don't say that they are used in the shooting phase. But the fact that it says they are ranged weapons (as it says Breath is a template weapon) is enough to indicate they are all shooting attacks.
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