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    3rd ed Flamer Template

    I was looking through my templates and I noticed that the 3rd ed flamer template is slightly bigger than the 4th and 5th ed ones. Though the main purpose of this is to bring this to other player's attention, would it still be legal to use in a game? I've never used it in a game (well, not since 3rd/early 4th), because that would be cheating but it definately looks a lot cooler than the newer ones, plus I like the feel of the harder (and not quite as thick) plastic more so than the crappy 4th ed ones or the blindingly green 5th ed ones. Plus the flame motif is badass.

    In other news, I just now noticed the 1" and 2" marks on the fifth ed blast templates. Very useful.

    Edit: I just checked my flamer template versus the one in the 3rd ed book because someone on a different site said that the flamer template in the book was the same size as the 4th and 5th ed ones and mine is slightly bigger than the one in the 3rd ed book. Does anyone else have that? And considering that flamer sizes haven't changed, what would be the legality of my flamer with its about 1-2 MM extra width?

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