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    Space Hulk Questions

    Hi guys! I know its not 40k rules, but its in the 40k universe so I thought maybe here is the best place to ask. If its in the wrong forum i'm sorry!

    I just have a couple of questions about space hulk rules. Myself and my mate had our first game last night and we had a discussion about one or two points and ended up rolling for them. Now I'm looking for some more clarification, I'm sorry if these are idiotic.

    The first one, concerns the +1 to your dice role in close combat for being a veteran sergeant as well as the +1 for using a thunder hammer. When both players role off and as like what happened last night both role a six. Does this mean (A) its a draw as you can't go over 6 or ( the Sergeant with thunder hammer won as he is now on an 8 (6+1+1)

    The second problem was generally a problem about close combat. We had a situation where a termi was facing away from the nids. The lead nid had just enough action points to make it as far as the adjacent square behind the termi so could not attack him as he had no action points remaining. In the termi's turn we then could not decide if the model could turn and shoot twice or if he had to attack in close combat because the nid was in the adjacent square. We eventually decided that he had to attack in close combat because the nid was already 'on him' when he turned around. The question i suppose is this. When is close combat locked? Is it the very minute an enemy moves onto an adjacent square or does it only occur when a mini has attacked? A question along the same lines is that if the close combat is a draw the first time around can the marine shoot in his turn, or step back and shoot?

    The final thing we had a discussion about was involuntary reveals. During the space marine turn I opened a door and caused a blip two spaces away to involuntary reveal which turned out to be three genestealers. I placed the first genestealer on the square where the blip was, the second on the adjacent square behind that, and the third in the adjacent square in front. This then meant that this final genestealer was also adjacent to me. After a chat and a roll off we decided that a close combat was fought as when the marine opened the door the stealer ambushed him. Was this the right thing to do? Could I have still have shot at the stealer rather than fight him in combat?

    Apart from these items, we had a grea night gaming. We both picked up the game after the first couple of turns, it was really atmospheric, and we both agreed we had great fun. As it was only our first time playing we didn't use the timer for the marines until we got used to the rules and ironed out the kinks like those outlined above. But even taking the timer out of it, the game seems brutally tough for the marines.

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    The game is a lot of fun, I've really enjoyed it.. and yes, the first couple missions are very difficult for marines, but that all changes as soon as you get to use both squads at once. At that point, I think the stealers are at the disadvantage if the marine player doesn't linger. Anyway...

    1) Nowhere does it say the +1 (or +2 with thunderhammer srg from the front) can't go over 6. That guy is really deadly in combat, especially if he's on guard.

    2) There's no "locked" in combat in spacehulk. The game is based off of 40k, but it does not have that same type of rule. Now if someone does attack you, you'll lose overwatch, but otherwise you're free to do as you please (assuming you live) when it's your turn.

    * Also remember, you would have been able to shoot the genestealer behind 3 times (2 of which with sustained fire) even without action points.. you get to shoot as part of a 90 degree turn.

    3) As above, there's no locked in combat.. so you are free to shoot away even at someone right next to you.

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