Psychic Scream and the Changeling - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Psychic Scream and the Changeling

    Small debate came up today, when playing a double game, the changling targets a land raider. His Glamour rule says that it can be targeted against vehicles because "Vehicles are effected too, but count as LD10"

    Now the point we disagreed on was this. Psychic scream lowers any leadership test by 1. I had a choir so a -5 leadership check. Now should the raider check on LD 5, or as my opponent says, the vehicle always counts as LD 10, and so dosnt get effected by LD modifiers.

    Who is right?

    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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    Wow. This was, of course, never conceived to be used together.

    By RAW the negative modifiers would affect the vehicle's test. The rules of the Changeling's power do not say "always counts as Ld10" or "tests on a value of 10" or anything that would ensure that vehicles could make this test unmodified. They just count as a model with Ld10. And the psychic scream affects all leadership tests and not morale or somthing like that.
    Therefore, by RAW, Pariahs and Zoanthropes and all those who lower leadership, can affect the vehicle's leadership test...

    We can argue whether this is intended or whether it might just be a loop-hole in the rules. But since we don't have any hard facts on intentions, only the rules as written, I would opt that the test is affected. I wouldn't like it if it were my land raider, but hey - that's 40k.

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    It is people inside so does make sense (But then again when has fluff ever effected rules)

    It would be nasty against say guard.... 3 LR Battle tanks all start firing at your own team.... but see no reason why it should not be allowed. Other things are combod together to make things stronger.

    Good example Kharn (hitting on 2+) with that daemon what lets you reroll to hit if with in 24inch.. That is broken.

    Doing the Squadron trick with smoke launchers so for 3 turns you all ways got a 4+ save but still have two vehicles shooting at you.

    Devil fish tactic what allows the fire warriors to shoot you and not give you a cover save but they get one.

    DH using allied guards transport instead of there own.

    All cheesy things but legal

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