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    Space Hulk Questions

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section. Please move if it must.

    Just a few points if anyone can help me

    1) You can fire the flamer into a section that contains marines as long as its an empty square or a genestealer that is targeted. So does the marine(s) take the hit an die on a 2+ like the stealers?

    2) Can you fire point blank? The two instances that come up are if you can fire if the stealer is in the square in front of you and the second is if the stealer is the square in front of you but has attacked you the previous turn and you survive. Are you then free to fire or have to continue cc?

    3) It takes all turn to reveal a blip. The stealers that are revealed then can not move right?

    That's all I can think of. Its just simple points really but its best to look a fool for a few minuets rather than a life time eh? Thanks all in advance!


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    I cannot remember for sure about question 1. I think they also die on a 2+.

    Yes you can fire point blank as long as the genestealer is in LOS and in range, there is no rule stating you need to attack in cc.

    If you reveal the blip before you move it, the stealers can move as normal.
    If the blip is revealed due to coming into LOS, I think they are stuck til next turn (but I could not guarantee it)
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