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Thread: When to re-roll

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    When to re-roll

    The question came up during army building, when I wanted to include chief libarian tigarius in my army, to increase chances of reserves arriving at the same time.

    When I roll for reserve, do I have to roll the dice one at a time and decide to re-roll before moving on to the next unit?

    On pp2 of the rule book the rules for re-roll are: ... pick up the dice you wish to re-roll and roll them again.
    It does not specify a time frame for this, like "just after you have rolled the dice", but it would be stupid if I could wait a turn, or until tomorrow!

    The rules for rolling for reserve are (pp94): ...the player must roll a dice for each of his units in reserve... once all of the units have been rolled for, the player picks any one of the units arriving and deployes it... the he picks another unit...

    The deployment of the units are clearly done one unit at a time. Rolling however, says nothing about one-dice-at-a-time.
    I could be using colour coded dice, and roll all reserves at the same time... or what?

    Then after having seen the result of ALL my reserves, I could use tigarius to re-roll some, or all of the reserves.

    Am I right in any of this?

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    Agreed. You could use a different colored die for each unit and roll them all at the same time, then choose which ones to re-roll (helps limit wasted time and misunderstandings). I do that and place a similarly colored die next to each unit in reserves to make sure I don't forget which is which. But rolling one at a time is also acceptable in this case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krovin-Rezh View Post
    Agreed. You could use a different colored die for each unit and roll them all at the same time, then choose which ones to re-roll (helps limit wasted time and misunderstandings)
    That's what I do, but some people do insist you roll one at a time (mainly in order to make using reserve modifiers more difficult)
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