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    question about markerlight usage

    I apologize in advance because I do not have the Tau codex so I don't know the proper names of their gear. I was playing my Eldar army against my friend who plays Tau last night. His infantry squad (the one that requires a Devilfish) had 8 models in it. 5 of the models had markerlights (or 5 were using them anyway) and the other 3 had pulse carbines I think. He was tying to use the markerlight counters to reduce the cover save on my Pathfinders. If the markerlights and carbines are fired in the same turn by the same unit, can the carbine wounds benefit from the reduced cover save? The way I read the marker light rule in his codex I don't think they can, he obviously disagreed. Then there was some other optional wargear that he didn't have (I think it had "Network" in the name) that sounded like it would allow them to benefit from the reduction. Can someone please briefly explain how markerlights work? Who can use them, and when can they use them? Thanks much.

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    The enitre squad fires at the same time so they cannot benefit from the markerlights.

    Only units with Networked Markerlights (via drones or skyray) allow the unit to benefit from it.
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