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    Necron Pillar - Homebrew rules

    I made a Necron Pillar (It was an Obelisk but it was suggested to me that I change the name due to another company having made a tank/skimmer Obelisk). On another site I posted rules for it and I would now like this site's opinions on the model, advice of changes are appreciated and the model itself has no playtesting.

    Heavy Support

    -----------Points---Front Armour---Side armour---Rear Armour---BS-----SP

    Type: Artillery

    Crew: None

    Weapons: Power Matrix

    Special Rules:

    Living Metal: Attacks which count the target's armour as being less than it really is (such as brightlances and blasters) do not do so against the Pillar. Similarly, weapons that get an additional Armour Penetration dice do not get and extra dice against the Pillar. Ordnance weapons still roll 2D6 for Armour Penetration and select the highest score. In practice, any weapon attacking the Pillar will roll for armour penetration using it's unagmented strength and a single D6 no matter what.

    Construct: The Necron Pillars were constructed in the age of the Necrontyr and stand high above the battlefield, ancient symbols and weapons. Pillars are deployed before any other unit and count as a scenery unit on which both players agree the starting location of. When a Pillar is destroyed, the model remains on the field and serves as a scenery piece.

    Power Matrix: The Necron Pillar heralds massive internal power crystals which discharge in a similar fashion to that of the Monolith, although the Pillar boasts no portal. During the shooting phase, the Pillar can fire a Particle Whip. When firing as a Blast shot, the Particle Whip range remains the same. However, due to the larger power supplies held within the Pillar, the Particle whip when fired as Ord. 1 gets a 12" range boost, making it able to fire 48". The power matrix cannot be disabled by a 'weapon destroyed' result and may be used even if the Pillar is shaken or stunned.

    I uploaded a picture, evidently. I suppose you can easily work out which model is the Pillar.

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