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    Deep striking and IG Platoons...

    If I'm playing a planetstrike game, all infantry can DS onto the battlefield. My question then is how do we deal with an IG platoon, where you have a Command squad and at least 2 infantry squads, do you roll a single reserve roll for the entire platoon as you would with Combat squad marines? Then scatter each squad of men in that way? Or is it seperate rolls for each and every squad?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I believe the codex specifically says that you roll for them as a collective, and that they are incapable of splitting up into individual units once the game starts. "Infantry Squad" is just the name of the squad itself. I wouldn't read much further into it than that.

    I've never played Planetstrike, but I doubt that the rule would be different.

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    Imperial Guard units are all seperate, they dont move togeather, cant ride in a transport togeather, (even if there is room). They wont be rolled for as reserves togeather. In the last edition of the IG codex and possibly the FW books they were rolled for as one.

    The one exception to this rule is combined squads. IG players can merge their infantry squads from the same platoon into larger units, but this is only the basic infantry squad; no heavy weapon, command, veteran squads... are able to reap rewards from this.

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    Kevin, check out pg. 96 in the IG codex, Infantry Platoons are still rolled for as one unit when it comes to reserves.

    To the OP's question, while the platoon is rolled for as one they are still all individual units and would have to be deployed individually.

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    Thanks guys, I know most often it's not an issue, but in PS it becomes a big issue. Thanks again, the help is appreciated.

    +rep to all.

    Oh, and to Mylesthetroll, you don't what you're missing, it's the dirtiest version of 40k there is, casualties go through the roof.
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