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    Multiple Assaults

    Apologies up front, as this would be easier if I knew how to link to another thread, but alas I do not. So, There's a thread in the batreps section with three 'nid battles and a question came up about a possible illegal assault on two separate guard units by a Trygon. One poster said it was illegal quoting pg 34 "...assaulting models may still not...move into base contact with enemy models from a unit they are not assaulting." But on the same page, under Assaulting Multiple Enemy Units it says "...the closest attacking model must be moved to contact...enemy unit...assault was declared. Then remaining models can assault models belonging to other enemy units..."

    There is a bit of a contradiction here. Also I realize the rule is referring to an assaulting unit containing multiple models, but seeing as the Trygon has a larger base than a normal infantry model, it seems plausible to me that it could come into b2b contact with 2 closely grouped units.

    So, how does this work?

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    As usual the closest attacking model must be moved to
    contact the closest model in the enemy unit against
    which the assault was declared. Then remaining models
    can assault models belonging to other enemy units, as
    long as they keep following the rules for moving
    assaulting models.
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    Basically what camarodragon and Jy2 (in the batrep) have said is that i shouldnt have multi assaulted because the trygon is a 1 model unit. Whilst the base size is easily big enough to contact 2 separate units, the rules prevent it because the first model in the unit must assault the declared target and the declared target only.

    Since the trygon is the first (and only) model in the unit it has to assault the target squad.
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