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    Remembering to take tests....long one.

    This is a fairly common thing that happens in every game. I'm curious to other players point of view.

    In instances when specific tests must be taken, such as killing 25% of a unit in the SHOOTING phase where the victim is in the position to take a leadership test at the end of it, who do you believe is responsible for remembering to do so?

    Generally, there are a lot of different things going on in any given phase which makes it hard to keep track of everything. Though most of the time on my turn, the opponent stands around watching what you do whereas you are using that turn to plan your next move, pick out your targets, moving models, ect.

    It is my belief that if a player must take a test that is not codex specific, then they should be responsible for remembering to do so. Now I'm not saying that only they should remember to take the test, but not to deliberately "forget" to take it as to avoid a potential negative result.

    Now what does "codex specific" mean? It means it would apply to everyone in the same situation whether good or bad for you. More specifically, a common occurrence in every phase such as difficult/dangerous terrain tests, morale checks in shooting and assault phases; things that will (generally) happen for every army, and is part of the overall game flow.

    Now, if I forget to take my psychic tests for my Eldar at the beginning of my turn, and I remember to do so during the MOVEMENT phase, well, I'm SOL since that's should be my responsibility to do so and a major part of my army. I don't expect my opponent to remember what I can or can't do with my army when I forget to do something. That's ridiculous.

    I've been in and seen friends in too many situations where our opponents know that they should take a morale, pinning, ect., test because of something we did to them early in the turn/phase, but they would deliberately wait and say nothing or hurry us through to the next phase/end of turn so they wouldn't have to take the test altogether.

    I'd like to beat someone and be beaten because I played my best. Not because I forgot to REMIND YOU to take a test that you damn well know you should have taken.

    I make it a point to remind my opponents when they should take a test that is negative for me because it is hard to remember and keep track of everything. I'm getting in the habit of reminding my opponent to take his morale checks and such at the end of the phase/turn as soon as I cause the damage. That way, they can't say that they forgot, or I didn't remember.

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    Checks aren't the only thing I've forgotten. I've forgotten to shoot units before now, or run (that's a really common one for me). I think it's up to both players to try and remind each other of any standard checks, codex too if they both know the rule (I know not everyone has every codex so that can go by the by). In a Chaos army it's very easy to forget morale checks, when some take them and others are fearless, it would be nice to have my opponent remember as well. I'll hold my hands up to forgetting, but it's certainly never deliberate. WH40K is about the fun, and about learning, and let's face it, you don't learn much from a win.

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