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    Multiple Vehicle Explodes results

    So, vehicle is hit with multiple penetrating and/or glancing hits.

    1. Do all penetrating/glancing hits HAVE to be rolled for, or can one stop after getting a wrecked result (to avoid explosion). I assume that all penetrating (or glancing) need to be rolled for.

    2. If 2 or more 6-explosion results are rolled, do they all happen? Or just the first one, or just the largest one, etc?

    I personally can see good reason for all explosions being resolved, after all one could argue that the fuel explodes, the ammo explodes, [add futuristic component here].

    This has come up several times in local games and especially with Titan explosions.


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    You can only apply one Explodes result. This is because during its resolution, the vehicle is removed, and you cannot repeat the explosion steps.
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    I can see where this one is coming from though, PW. When one looks at the sequence stated in the "Destroyed - Explodes" description on P.61 BRB, the D6" roll is done *before* the vehicle is removed. So if you had more than one "Explodes!" result, it implies that D6" rolls would be made for all the "Destroyed - Explodes!" before the vehicle was removed, thus potentially getting a wider radius of damage. However, I think that *that* would be the only benefit from multiple "Explodes!" results; as you suggest, a tank can only explode once. It would certainly not be acceptable that for every "Destroyed - Explodes!" roll you got to roll a D6" and then cause wounds at that distance, then roll for the second result, and so on.

    I agree that it should only be one D6" roll regardless of how many "Explodes!" results, but the implication is kinda there in the wording sequence IMHO.

    I play it as a single D6" roll and always have done, as do my friends. However, how often have you experienced getting more than 1 "Destroyed - Explodes!" result coming up in one set of shooting from a single enemy unit anyway? I wish!

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    I also believe an explodes result overrides a wrecked, so you if you got for example 5, 6, 6, you would apply a single explodes result, and anything withing d6" would take a single s3 hit.

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