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    Pintle Mounted Combi-Weapons

    This disagreement came up a few days ago in regards of Combi-Weapons, specifically those that are pintle mounted. My opponent was shooting the bolter part of a combi-weapon on a Rhino, having already previously used the Melta shot, at the back of one of my Rhinos in an attempt to glance it. The shot had originally missed, in which case he claimed that the bolter part is Twin-Linked. I disagreed as I couldn't find anywhere in a codex or the rule book stating this, but so as to not drag the game out while we argued, I allowed it (it ended up hitting but not scoring the glance he had hoped).

    My question is, was he correct and I just missed the sentence explaining that it's twin-linked, or was he just given false information?

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    He was given false information [Codex: Chaos Space Marines, page 83, says combi-weapons are bolters plus one-shot special weapon, but nothing about being twin-linked, same for the other codices that use such weapons], but: (I assume we are talking about Chaos rhinos) the Chaos rhinos come with a twin-linked bolter standard, and the pintle-mounted combi-weapon (consisting of a one-shot melta/plasma/flamer and a standard bolter) is an additional weapon. So - as long as the rhino had not suffered any weapon destroyed results before - he could have shot the not twin-linked bolter from the combi-weapon, and also the twin-linked bolter the rhino already came with.
    [Chaos rhinos also have the option of buying an additional pintle-mounted bolter (without any combi part) which, in fact, is twin-linked - its more or less a combi-bolter then.]

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