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    Multi-assault and Shadows in the Warp questions

    Scenario: A unit of 2 Bloodclaws (INITIATIVE 4) are locked in assault with 2 different units. Termagaunts (INITIATIVE 4) and Hormagaunts (INITIATIVE 5). The unit hitting at I5 ends up killing one of the Bloodclaws. The model in base to base with the Termagaunts is taken away thus no longer being in base to base with that unit. Now the I4 units strike.

    Question: Do the Termagaunts get to attack the Bloodclaws since they are no longer in base to base contact?

    Also, there was no way of the Termagaunts being able to pile-in or move as close as possible to the unit of Bloodclaws in the previous turn.

    Shadows in the Warp question: Does the enemy psyker roll 3d6 and ADD all three together, or take the highest two?

    Notable Achievements: Farseer w/ SS taking down a Monolith all by itself in one shooting phase. A Warlock w/ SS in a Guardian squad on an objective taking down a Soul Grinder in one Shooting phase. 2nd turn 2 DSing Trygon Primes going from 6-0 wounds during turn 3.

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    Yes the guants get to attack, youll find a rule somewhere around (appologies for not referenceing but i cant get to mine atm) that says models in base to base at the start of the combat can attack.

    Shadow in the warp is a 3d6 test, no pic the highest.
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    The rules Heirodule is referring to is on page 35 of the rulebook. The first sentence of the final paragraph of WHO CAN FIGHT states:
    Working out which models are engaged in combat is done at the start of the fight and will not change until its end.
    And for Shadows of the Warp as stated above the test is taken on 3D6 adding all three dice together, not taking the highest 2.
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