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    Murderous Hurricane auto-hits

    I've read the entry on the Rune Priest power Murderous Hurricane. It looks like you auto-hit with that spell.
    If you look at the other spells, fury of the wolf spirits and living lightning , they giving you a weapon profile for those shooting attacks. Those are pretty straightforward. After your psychic test, you shoot those like you would any other gun. Roll to hit using BS, roll to wound, etc.
    Murderous Hurricane, however, is different. It does not give a weapon profile like those other 2 powers. I just says "...the target unit takes 3D6 Strength 3 hits..." From this wording, after your psychic test, you determine the number of hits (HITS, not SHOTS), and move straight to rolling to wound.

    The entry in the codex is pretty clear.

    However, on page 5 of the FAQ, the question "Does Murderous Hurricane require the power to hit or wound its target to affect them?" is answered with "No, a targeted unit is affected my Murderous Hurricane even if the power fails to hit or wound." Those last 4 words suggest the need that the power still rolls hits and wounds, due to the implied possibility of failure to hit/wound.

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    This is one of the few times in which the rules stated in the codex is actually very clear, but then ironically, the FAQ goes and makes unclear.

    What we have in the FAQ is a paradox. Why? How does MH affect a unit? Basically, that unit will take 3d6 S3 hits and be in difficult/dangerous terrain on its next movement phase. While the "wounding" part is pretty clear, the FAQ is basically saying that MH does not require you to roll to hit even if you fail to hit?!?

    I believe this is a gaffe on GW's part and the intent is that you don't roll to hit. At least that's the way I and others that I've seen play it.
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