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    A couple of questions regarding the Tyranids

    So, I've run into a couple of rules questions regarding the tyranids. the first one is rather simple:

    1. How long does the effect of the broodlord's hypnotic gaze last? in the description, it says that it lasts for the duration of the ensuing close combat. does this mean the ensuing assault phase? or the whole combat? so that, if successfully cast, it will last until the whole combat is over, even if it lasts for several turns? or will it end at the end of the tyranid players assault phase?

    the second one is a bit trickier (imo) and revolves around the use of acid blood and lash whips.

    2. If a tyrant with acid blood and lash whip is dealt a wound, will the returned wound be resolved at the enemy's unmodified initiative value? or at their reduced initiative value?
    also, if a tyrant with the same gear is killed by a single model, will that model get to roll his initiative tests at his original initiative value or the reduced value?

    That's all for now, and I'm very grateful for any insightful comments.

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    1. Ending at the end of the tyranid players assault phase from what i can gather. Theres nothing in the FAQ that says anything about it, but from the wording, i belive it applies to the following round of close combat only. The descrition describes the power going off "at the start of the tyraind players assault phase... not attack in the ensuing close combat" that to me, sounds like it refers to the cc taking place directly after the start of the assualt phase, if that makes sense

    2. not sure again, but the damage from acid blood is worked out at the end of each initiative step (FAQ) so i would think the initiative is still counted as 1. For example your I6 tyrant is wounded. At the end of the I 6 step, tests are taken, those in base to base at I1, as they are still in base to base contact at the end of the I6 step.

    As for one model units, this i can tell you, it would be at the regular initiative. At the end of the initiative step for whatever I the model is, the tyrant is dead so the whips have no effect.
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