Hormagaunts run through difficult terrain - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Hormagaunts run through difficult terrain

    Hey Guys,
    Just wondering when hormagaunts run through difficult terrain do they still get to roll 3d6 and take the highest or are they brought down to 1d6. The rulebook states that running movement is not affected by diffult terrain. Based on that I believe they would still get there 3d6 however the next line states it is always simply d6, which seems to contradict the previous line.

    I believe you probably only get one d6 as it would not make sense for them to roll 2d6 during the movemet phase and then have 3d6 during the shooting phase but am just looking for clarification.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hormagaunts have ( codex p38 ):
    Move through Cover=gets to roll an extra dice when rolling to move through difficult terrain (would be 3d6). Difficult terrain rules p14; Move through Cover rules p75.
    Bounding Leap=they roll 3d6 and pick the highest when running.

    You can only run in the shooting phase and it is not effected by difficult terrain (rules p16).
    So you would roll 3d6 in the movement phase to move through difficult terrain, and also 3d6 in the shooting phase regardless of the terrain being open or difficult (picking the highest in both cases).
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