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    Line of sight/shooting and wounding question

    A few quick questions for some new players.

    Question 1) My friends enjoy shooting at me through my own units from time to time and I find it quite annoying. If my unit of orks(Squad A) is completely surrounded or set up in a way around another unit of orks(squad that it provides NO visiblie gaps... is it still possible to shoot a weapon such as a bolter OR template non barrage weapon (ie a missle launcher) right through Squad A into Squad B? I am aware of the 4+ cover save but it doesnt seem right IMO...Thanks for your time

    Question 2)I have a unit of 5 nobs and a warboss in combat, Ive taken 5 wounds...Do I need to remove 2 nobs or can i give one to each Nob?

    Thanks for your time

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    1) It's by true line of sight, if you can see the unit at all, you can shoot it. That includes seeing over one unit to shoot at another.

    2) You have to remove whole models in a allocated group when possible. But remember that you allocate wounds by the kinds of models in the unit before rolling saves and failed saves in each allocated group does not extend into other groups, so if each model in a unit had different gear, then each model would be their own group to be allocated to and you can effectively give each model one wound before you start removing models.

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