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    Assaulting a squad of tanks.

    How does it work when assaulting a squad of tanks? I have a friend that uses three Leman Russ tanks in a squad. I would like to assault them using my 9 man Vanguard Veteran squad equipped with melta bombs. I should have 9 attacks on rear armor at strength 8 with 2D6 armor penetration.

    Do I only assault the tanks I am in base contact with?
    If so does my opponent still spread the penetrations over all three?
    Do I have to put 3 attacks on each tank and then roll to hit?

    I'm so confused.

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    The tanks form a unit so you're actually assaulting the squad of tanks as you would do normal infantry. Then any hits that glances/penetrates their armor, your opponent would allocate them just he would in a normal assault against infantry.

    For example, your vanguards charge his 3 leman russ demolishers squadron and hit them with 5 meltabombs, of which 4 of those meltabombs manage to penetrate (let's say 1 fails in this example). Then your opponent would have to put at least 1 pen on each of the 3 tanks. The last pen he can place on any of the 3 tanks (thus, 1 tank would take 2 penetrating hits).

    So to summarize:

    Do I only assault the tanks I am in base contact with? No. You assault the whole squad.
    If so does my opponent still spread the penetrations over all three? Yes, he has to spread them.
    Do I have to put 3 attacks on each tank and then roll to hit? No. You put 9 attacks on the whole squad. Being able to put 3 attacks on 1 tank implies that you may potentially pen one tank 3 times and do nothing to the other tanks. That is illegal.
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    Yes, a squad of tanks is still a squad despite the composition of it, so you assault the whole squad and also spreads the penetration across all the tanks in the squad. And as far as I know, the damage is resolved in a similar way to infantry combat, so you allocate all the hits to the squad as a whole and then your opponent has to allocate them evenly after penetration etc.

    Obviously this is only a confirmation. Jy2 is correct in all respects.

    Also, there are two identical threads here. Perhaps a moderator ought to do somethng about that.

    ~ Acarna

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    Don't forget that damage results of Immobilised and Stunned are treated differently when involving a vehicle squadron. Once the squadron is reduced to a single vehicle however, any damage caused to it by subsequent enemy unit action is resolved as per the normal damage results rules (P.64 BRB 2nd paragraph under "Damage results against squadrons").

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